Future scenarios from Psycho-science and Prophecy

- 14 - Part 2 Introduction I must admit to you right away that at the beginning of my research into the following topic, I not only reacted with doubt, but also with emotional reluctance, because the existing worldview was called into question, well actually shaken up. Journalists in particular pride themselves in being able to deal with the most unaccustomed themes and thoughts unbiased. But when the newly discovered information tries to upset the applecart of the old, brought along expectations all too severely, one likes to take refuge in amongst the old, familiar tenets or prejudices. I say this because I assume that the hearers and reader of these explanations experience a similar fate, because the things that I have discovered during my research has to be condensed into a tight presentation. When I initiated the co-production of the television series “Our Cosmos” on behalf of the ZDF during the seventies in Los Angeles, I had to take note of the fact that the famous astronomer Professor Carl Sagan, who conceived the series, assumed that there were innumerable inhabited planets. Hardly anyone disputes the probability these days that amongst the approximately 100 billion suns, our galaxy alone could accommodate civilisations on lots of planets, some developed to a lesser and some to a higher degree. So far, so good. But the moment when somebody concretely talks about UFOs, extraterrestrial spaceships, contact with astronauts from higher developed planetary peoples, the majority of people are still inclined to quickly distance themselves with a negative creed. How can this contradiction be explained? It basically has two reasons: On the one hand, the concrete confrontation with the fact that mankind might only be one human race amongst lots of planetary human races, will lead to a rethinking of literally cosmic proportions. Galileo already experienced under pain, just how difficult it is for us relinquish trusted views of the world, when he proclaimed his insights, namely that the Earth is not the epicentre of creation. On the other hand, our love for the familiar is confronted by a politics the like the American Secret Service CIA pursues in regards to UFOs since 1952. An “educational program” for the public was decided upon “in order to minimise the risk of a panic”. Obvious misinterpretation of alleged UFO sightings are highly promoted, whilst actual contacts are kept secret or, if they reached the public before being intercepted, are simply explained away. The methodology of deception has succeeded up to now, because the established media channels, afraid of ridicule, are all too quickly prepared to accept the “official” version at face value. On the 19th of July 1952, a flotilla of extraterrestrial spaceships was unambiguously observed over the capital Washington by the air force’s flight control centre and many other observers and this caused a sensation across the country. After the UFO research project “Blue Book” had amassed over 2000 sighting reports, the CIA declared the situation a “question of national security” and established its politics of secrecy. And what about the American understanding of democracy? As a representative of congress, Gerald Ford said on the 18th of March 1968: “I believe that we owe the American people an explanation in regards to UFOs by establishing credibility through pursuing a line of the greatest possible elucidation.”