Future scenarios from Psycho-science and Prophecy

- 17 - Telepathic messages from our Space Brothers Parallel to the reports and the protocols about actual encounters, one also has to acknowledge that people all over the world receive messages via thought transference and this from BEINGS that claim to be from extraterrestrial spaceships or from other planets. A lot of these telepathic messages are published without the official culture taken notice of them. There is no surprise in the fact that the contents therein coincide with the protocols and the messages received during actual contacts. Let’s take a closer look at a number of themes: Extraterrestrials warned us most beseechingly about our nuclear technology since World War II, particularly about the hydrogen bomb. They informed us that as the GUARDIANS of the Earth, they are authorised to prevent a nuclear holocaust by rendering nuclear weapons harmless. (UFOs have indeed been observed quite often over nuclear facilities). By splitting the atom, terrestrial scientists had trespassed against the “BOOK of KNOWLEDGE”. They pointed out that the French nuclear tests interfered with the rhythm of the vibration frequency of the Earth’s atmosphere and that is also brought disarray to the rhythm of the subordinate legalities, this meant for instance that chemical required for the treatment of water and a lot of remedies, also those used in homeopathy, gradually lose their effectiveness; technical measuring devices would indicate false data to an increasing degree (aviation disasters?). This constituted a part of the chaos created by man. To the question of why they wouldn’t show mankind their presence here in a more convincing way, it states that their full appearance in our skies had already been planned for the sixties. But due to the animosity shown by the military, they had distanced themselves from that idea. (President Truman had given orders in 1952, to shoot down UFOs if they refused to land, after having been asked to do so. It was later established that our weapons couldn’t touch them at all) “We do not want to force our presence upon you and we do not want to engage with the negative nature of those that stand against us. This would not serve the INTERPLANETARY BROTHERHOOD.” The crop circles should also make us contemplate their existence, the way one encourages students to achieve mental independence through certain pedagogic measures. They would reveal themselves as the originators of these pictograms at a later date. They, the “SIBLINGS from the STARS”, came from planets of the Milky Way and other galaxies. They had been observing those terrestrial people that abuse their intelligence and threaten to destroy the planet, for a long time. The most advanced amongst their planets had united to form the “INTER-GALACTIC CONFEDERATION”. It was in charge of a flotilla of millions of spaceships under the command of ASHTAR SHERAN, they had offered the help of the CONFEDERATION to various governments on Earth, but had only encountered incomprehension and rejection. They are looking forward to the time when terrestrial mankind will join the CONFEDERATION of the sibling planets after its spiritual reversion of polarity. The messages from space also create a bridge between the BROTHERS from the STARS and our religious traditions. They revere their “eminent brother” LORD SANANDA, who, as a most eminent guest, is also visiting their planets and their spaceships. SANANDA is the “highest commander” of ASHTAR’S flotilla and the ASTRONAUTS who come from many different planets and the command to help terrestrial mankind comes from HIM. SANANDA is reported to be the same ENTITY that many of us call by the name of JESUS and others known by the name of BUDDHA.