Future scenarios from Psycho-science and Prophecy

- 12 - 3. Visions of the future when in a clinically dead state Reports of experiences by people who have stepped across the threshold of death, ergo were clinically dead to then return to life, have been around since time immemorial. Ever since modern medicine has extended the possibility of resuscitation, thousands of near-death experiences have been documented. The American psychiatrist Dr. Raymond Moody selected 50 examples of the generally recurring experiences in his book “Life after Death”, a book that found millions of readers. This is in association with a rapidly running film about all the important stations in life (Sometimes also past incarnations) whereby all thoughts and actions are solely appraised under the point of view of whether they were motivated by LOVE or not. The books by the Swiss architect Stefan von Jankovic about his near-death experience are available in the German speaking areas. Relative rare are insights about future events the way it was the case with the American Dannion Brinkley “Saved by the Light: The True Story of a Man Who Died Twice and the Profound Revelation He Received”. Having been struck by lightning in 1975 and survived, Dannion Brinkley told the near-death expert Dr. Moody, that he saw 12 ENTITIES whilst clinically dead and that they showed him one film after another about future events here on Earth. Dr. Moody conscientiously recorded 117 “future events” that Brinkley could remember. Both of them thought that their eventuation was highly unlikely. But after three years, from 1978 onwards, the first events started happening and by 1993, 95 of the 117 predictions had been realised, so amongst them the disaster at Chernobyl presaged for 1986, the Golf War predicted for 1990 and the collapse of Communism. It had been indicated to Brinkley that the future was not cast in stone, but that it could change according to people’s behaviour. One could therefore judge some of the predicted catastrophes that had not occurred as the result of certain positive change of directions (an intensified effort in respect to the ecology and peace). A detailed description of a second Russian nuclear disaster was predicted for 1995 at one of their Northern Seas locations (“This ENTITY indicated to me that the human race had unleashed a terrible force by utilising nuclear energy, one that they could not control”). In regards to the scenes of a Third World War that Brinkley saw raging at a hundred places at once, the BEING of LIGHT told him that 1994 – 1996 were critical years and that these years would decide whether this war would break out or not. Brinkley saw an ecological collapse happening in the near future, one that would eventually lead the USA into bankruptcy and this before the end of the century. But the end of America as a world power would come about through two terrible earthquakes before the year 2000. A short vision showed street riots in Egypt and a voice told him that Egypt would be taken over by religious fanatics until 1997. An agreement between the Israelites and the Arabs concerned a new country in the Middle East whilst Jordan would cease to exist. This entailed the establishment of a police force made up of Israelites and Arabs and they would brutally suppress the population, bringing about the isolation of Israel from the rest of the world. Then scenes the like we see them in Sarajevo; modern cities wherein wars waged because their inhabitants fight one another for reasons that range between racism and religions. An increasing Balkanisation of the world was shown to him, a breaking up of the larger nations. One of the films depicted gigantic images of environmental degradation: “I saw regions on Earth that glowed in the night like the luminous dials on some watches.” Above all, lots of images of natural disasters: Fertile regions on Earth turning into