Future scenarios from Psycho-science and Prophecy

- 13 - deserts, torrential rain producing deep furrows in the soil in other regions on Earth, washing the topsoil away resulting in famines. “Voices were raised in Russia and South America in regards to cleaning the environment. The speaker on behalf of Russia, fighting for the healing of the Earth, becomes so powerful, that he was elected as one of the leaders of the UN… His ascendency, I knew, would happen before the turn of the millennia.” “ I saw how the second nuclear disaster established an environmental movement like a new world religion. Political parties were founded to fight for a clean environment and politicians fell or succeeded over environmental issues.” These three examples – the first with forecasts from the collective subconscious according to the investigations of two statistically working American scientists, the second “private revelations” from the religious sector, the third as the personal experience of one who returned from the state of clinical death – can be expanded upon through many more, but the major outlines of the events presaged for the coming years are of surprising accordance. Also mentioned should be the visionary Edgar Cayce who died in 1945, we find a large number of concrete predictions in regards to the above mentioned statements with him also. A lot of the information provided by him can also be found in German. I would like to close the first part of my lecture by thanking this committee here, because it has given me the opportunity, with a difficult to find openness, to present aspects of the catastrophes-preparedness that are rather removed from the way of thinking of our culture. This encourages me to deal with an even more tabooed area during the second part, something in regards to the prevention of disasters that must be dealt with without blinkers and something that seemed to be of the greatest worldwide importance as far as I am concerned. I also cannot avoid touching upon the special aspect of so-called UFO-Topics.