Future scenarios from Psycho-science and Prophecy

- 11 - In regards to the probability of a reversal: “Hardly a third of mankind would “achieve” the required maturity of insight.” And about others it states that “If I were will to give them their own freedom” they would “disappear from the surface of the Earth like voided schemes so that those that were left behind would have to travel days on end until they would encounter their own kind.” To the question of avoidance: “When it comes to the complete human freedom of will on Earth, it initially depends on what people want for themselves and how they go about achieving it. I can only tell you in advance with certainty that this and that will befall you if you act in this way or that way… - Even when I know what the result will be, I may not preventively intervene with my DIVINE ALMIGHTINESS. If I did that, people would cease to be beings with a free will and they would only be vitalised machines.” And at the end: “Nothing but lights from the heavens… will deliver mankind.” Lights from the heavens? It becomes clear when one reads on that this refers to spaceships from other planets, because: “Now comes the time when I will allow the inhabitants of the larger planets to have a look at the Earth… A loud call can then reverberate through space from Venus to Urka.”