Spiritualism versus Spiritism - Addenda

7 Guest : Because I find it difficult to believe in miracles. In any case, I cannot comprehend this alleged otherworldly writing. It could actually come from the medium itself. ARGUN : I am sure that you could comprehend it, but I am also sure that something else disturbs you: You have a tremendous amount of fear of GOD’S WORLD of SPIRIT, because you already sense that we observe every second of your terrestrial life. You find this very uncomfortable because you would like your deeds and thoughts to be unobserved at times. GOD’S miracles therefore disturb you because they accurately observe what all people do and they deal with every thought that puts you and all other terrestrial people to the acid test. You would prefer to live without GOD’S miracles and do as you please without others recognising what really goes on within your inner being. You fear that you have to give account of all the things that you have identified as being wrong, but continue to do just the same. You now believe that it is far better to simply reject GOD’S miracles, because they might awaken your conscience. Guest : But all of this could be a deception. I would like to ask my questions after the circle’s leader has left the room. (Comment: The guest believed that the circle’s leader could be in telepathic contact with the medium Monika-Manuela.) ARGUN : You can ask your questions now, but the circle’s leader remains put. GOD’S miracles also have their LAWS and boundaries and they must be adhered to. Or you are a great sinner, so that you would dearly abnegate everything to do with the hereafter, because you know how bad you are, but this is something we would not like to assume. You possess a solid educational background, you are healthy, strong and you have a good mind at your disposal. You consider yourself intelligent – so why does your intelligence fail you when a quite simple matter goes in a divine direction? Guest : I would like to put my questions in French . ARGUN : Good, ask them in French. I will answer in German. (Comment: ARGUN answered this question correctly!) Questions and answers August 1958 Question : Dear ARGUN, a lot of friends of the world of spirit and spiritualists believe that when an otherworldly being answers with “Greetings in the name of God”, with “Amen” or with words from the Bible, that they then have the guarantee that this being has identified itself as a MESSENGER of LIGHT. Is this correct? ARGUN : They don’t find this hard to do, but it is just scorn. They can say anything, but they say things that are hard to interpret most of the time. They sometimes say things that make sense, but make crass mistakes out of ignorance in spite of this. The mistakes instantly unmask these otherworldly beings. For instance: “The beloved, sacrosanct LORD on his throne wreathed in roses.” – We say: “The LORD” or the “Heavenly Father”. We love HIM and ask HIM the way HE is and our requests come from the heart and this is why the words and sentences do not have to be so long. My dear friends, the same applies to you: Your LOVE does not dictate a time for prayers to you, because you are true to yourselves and pray from within when the need arises and this without coercion. Question : Is our assumption that psychic manifestations present you with enormous obstacles correct? ARGUN : This is why I always say: