Spiritualism versus Spiritism - Addenda

6 towards “revelations” is less arduous and less dangerous and demands fewer sacrifices. All other possibilities are advised against of one’s own accord by simply saying: “ Spiritualism is dangerous because it only establishes contact with demons.” What do the facts look like? Great prophets and mediums were branded sorcerers and witches by the fathers of the Church, they were persecuted, tortured and burned at the stake. Most new revelations outside of biblical texts are declared out and out lies . When GOD’S voice selects a simpleminded shepherdess as a medium, the Church’s hierarchy declares that the medium is either arrogant or insane . GOD, according to their opinion, may only approach a priest and beyond that has to ask for permission about whom HE may select. GOD’S angels have to exactly abide by the specifications laid down by the priest . If angels and MESSENGERS of LIGHT do not abide by them they are rejected and called devils. • If revelation-Spiritualism was actually that dangerous, no large community would exist in Brazil that even the powerful Catholic Church fears. • No large spiritualistic communities would exist on England, some of them just celebrated their 25 th anniversary . • The two young mediums of the Psychic Peace Circle, Berlin would have been placed in an asylum long ago, because they psychically answered thousands of questions. They have their own jobs like all righteous people – and they are happy. July 1958 An intermezzo with ARGUN During a MESSENGER OF LIGHT evening, a small but instructive interlude developed between a journalist (a guest) and the WORLD of SPIRIT. This journalist had never before been a guest at a spiritual circle. No surprise then that he found this contact strange and incredible. ARGUN : My dear friend and guest, I cordially welcome you and I hope that the small spark of GOD within you will turn into a bright flame, ask you questions. Guest : I find all of this very difficult to comprehend. Can you give me clear and convincing evidence? I will then gladly believe in it. ARGUN : You doubters always ask for evidence. Do we not give you sufficient evidence and does GOD not give you enough evidence through his whole creation ? – Dear friend, may I ask you a question? What is your relationship with GOD? Do you believe in HIM? Guest : Well, I am not too sure. I am not completely sure what you are actually asking me. Please repeat your question. ARGUN : I want to know fair and square whether you believe in GOD or not. Guest : I understand, the answer can only be a yes or a no. – Now if I was to believe in GOD I could only do so in its totality. Okay, I believe in GOD. ARGUN : Now look at that, you allegedly believe in GOD in its totality. If you believe in GOD the CREATOR, why don’t you believe in his miracles?