Spiritualism versus Spiritism - Addenda

5 There are unfortunately too many people amongst politicians, the military and scientists that have not sufficiently dealt with spirit teachings and occult phenomena during their life. These people held the opinion that “intelligent people” do not deal with such “nonsense”. This “nonsense” has however turned into a great fantastic reality. Thousands of observation reports fill room after room at the United States Department of Defence (Pentagon). Occultism marches into all countries and ministries thereby creating the greatest problem in terrestrial mankind’s whole history. Mankind reacts with fear because since time immemorial, it has known nothing but threats and death. GOD is occult. GOD comes to us in the form of GRAND OCCULTISM. I suggest that you read the factual reports: Not from this Earth” , Part 1 – 4, they contain a number of psychic drawings. Is Revelation-Spiritualism dangerous? There are materialistically minded people that reject all supernatural influences from the outset without ever having looked into them or without knowing anything about them. There are self-assured people that think they do not need supernatural GUIDANCE, because they are smart enough to make all their own decisions. There are enlightened people that do not reject the influences from otherworldly INTELLIGENCES and ENERGIES, but are still afraid of the invisible. There are representatives of religions that know beyond this that two POWERS fight one another for supremacy. These representatives of religion want nothing to do with this altercation. They fear the devil and his demons. There are people that yearn for GOD, but GOD, as an act of grace, is supposed to come to them without them making the slightest attempt to approach GOD themselves. There are people that are courageous enough to dare take this step, but they encounter demons on the way and are then terribly afraid, they turn back and disown heaven, but confirm the existence of hell. The representatives of churches and religious faiths, particularly CHRIST’S proxies, would like to get their hands on GOD’S revelations. They make contact with the SUPERNATURAL, but their religious enthusiasm turns them into fanatics . The lower SPHERES jump on these soul in order to destroy them. There are mediums that establish close contact with the realm of the spirit, but they have an inadequate sense of discernment . They accept the clever camouflages and deceptions from the underworld at face value, they are deceived and then ridiculed. All of this leads towards uncertainty in regards to revelations. One therefore prefers to depend on the thoughts that enter one’s mind during meditations and one calls them “inspiration”. This path