Spiritualism versus Spiritism - Addenda

8 • Keep your eyes open and do not allow yourselves to be fooled. Be on guard and test for excellence and quality, you will otherwise be very disappointed. The fact that one’s feet want to walk backwards at times is very, very sad, particularly because it is so simple to walk forwards. But your feet take a long time to comprehend this and it requires a lot of patience until the first littles stones are moved out of the way – the larger boulders always lie beyond the little ones. Comment: The mediums of the Psychic Peace Circle, Berlin are fully-automatic writing mediums with years of experience. Their subconscious does not play a part during the transmissions. Only the movements of their hands are concisely guided during the psychic writing process, so that no movements of the hands are of their own volition. So-called “hoaxing spirits” can be graphically ascertained. Therein lies the great certainty for the mediums. Not one single word is consciously grasped and it is often very difficult to decipher the interconnected words, because they are very illegible. ARGUN’S writing has to be repeated quite often, because segments of sentences cannot be deciphered. The communication is however very good in spite of this, specifically when one considers that one is dealing with an INVISIBLE WORLD. H. V. Speer * * * * * * * The science of the spirit When talk turns to phenomena, there is one incredible phenomenon, namely the fact that most people know nothing about Spiritualism . There are indeed a number of people that have heard something about Spiritism , but immediately think of superstition, spook and ghosts and remember all kinds of gruesome tales that are absolutely not believed. • In spite of all of this, Spiritualism is the most important source of all insights. Without the knowledge provided by Spiritualism, the terrestrial life of human beings is akin to wandering about in total darkness and of being lost to a most dangerous degree. This is the reason why the knowledgeable find it simply incredible and devastating that university taught knowledge has unscrupulously distanced itself from a branch that also belongs amongst empirical knowledge. • Spiritualism not a customary church religion, but rather more a science based on experience and of greatest importance. In contrast to the sciences of physical matter - Spiritualism means science of the spirit . This is the reason why the experiences within the field of occultism cannot be explained or compared with scientific results and formulas. Particularly physical matter can lead to fallacies if one assumes a spiritual, respectively an intelligent action behind it. Physical matter can never be intelligent, it is indeed controlled by HIGHER LAWS and guided by the GREAT LAW, but it is certainly not capable of producing its own intelligence or intellect independently. All of these intelligent abilities are of a spiritual nature, that is to say, they are cosmic and draw their ENERGY from that region. Academic knowledge, particularly university taught knowledge, demands in all cases processes and phenomena that can be expressed in a formula . A doctrine that doesn’t have chemical, physical or technical formulas cannot be taken serious by today’s scientists. Every assertion of an alleged