Spiritualism versus Spiritism - Addenda

58 considerably. When they find that worries have entered their home and their heart, when life seems empty and worthless to them, when all hope disappeared and promises remained unfulfilled, when they reached the zenith of their despair, in their confusion they send their cries for help out into the vast and empty space. They hope to receive an answer, but they do not know whether their cries for help are heard. The desire for knowledge, the truth and a message of salvation that might take the pressure they’re under, lives in many a heart. – The Churches contrived to make even the greatest of mistakes in the Bible unconditionally acceptable; because those that doubt them are regarded as infamous heretics and victims of the Devil . One wants to tie people to the Church with threats and not with new revelations; because once there are no believers left, the power of the priests has come to an end. November 1974 Question : There are unfortunately still a lot of people that fear Spiritualism , because spiritual circles establish contact with spirits. What do you say to this attitude? Answer : I sometimes wonder about your world, because it is so short-sighted . Too many hearts made of stone deny the LOVE that is offered access. Our sole motivation in all of this is to serve you with all our MIGHT. Beside us who are closest to your world, there are many more to serve you – from the primary GUARDIAN at the DOOR to the most RADIANT from the HIGHEST SPHERES that we know about. • The magnitude of LOVE and guidance that we can give you depends simply and solely on you. Our POWER, representing a part of the POWER of the GREAT SPIRIT, is therefore also infinite. In regards to the level of development you might achieve during your terrestrial life, our POWER is still one rung above the one that you achieve. You are surrounded by so much LOVE! It is also bestowed upon you by those that see your various difficulties, even if you never talk about them. I am aware of the mental battles you have to overcome in order to maintain this mission here with me. You neither lagged behind nor tried to step to either side, you walked straight ahead because you knew that a SACRED SERVICE had to be fulfilled and that you made a significant contribution thereto. I wish that I could find the words to depict the ASSISTANCE you received when everything seemed so extremely difficult to you to begin with. I believe that you are partially aware of this. You must know that hundreds of spirit beings are often involved in providing this otherworldly HELP. All of us feel spoken to when you express your thanks to GOD. There is no greater joy for us than to see our endeavours succeed . February 1975 The exploration of the realm of the spirit Questions put to the circle’s leader, Herbert Viktor Speer: Question : Can you tell me how you actually encountered Spiritualism ?