Spiritualism versus Spiritism - Addenda

57 All that’s positive from the realm of the spirit reveals the great necessity of brotherly love. When one talks about the credibility of the Christian religion in Germany one likes to point out the Cologne Cathedral or other famous cathedrals. They bear witness to the enormous veneration shown to the divine HIERARCHY. Things in Japan are not different, but the spiritual temple of Tabuse is an ultra-modern building that is befitting our times. The Japanese spiritual community calls itself: TENSO-KOTAI-JINGU-KYO – a peace movement based on mental, ergo spiritual training. Tabuse, Yamaguchi Prefecture Japan. One of the Japanese heavenly messages goes: “I can tell you that the heavenly world will soon begin to prevail and that this will bring about the disappearance of the world of the Devil. The irresistible FORCE of nature and divine JUSTICE know no barriers. Visible nature – the invisible equally so – are GOD’S creations. It therefore seems advisable to return to naturalness and become a knower in the eyes of GOD.” It further states: “What people call scientific development and so-called modern civilisation are the very reasons that brought all of mankind to a sudden chasm of disaster. Even though people might falsely assess you, ignore it. Pursue your own path and continue to live a righteous life.” The CREATOR: Japanese : KAMISAMA Indian : BRAHMA Muslim : ALLAH Christian : GOD It is always a CENTRE of the same direction within our own reality. We ascertained that spirit research is successfully carried out throughout the world. Important: The doctrines we receive from MESSENGERS of LIGHT from the realm of the spirit are comprehensible to all and sundry and they do not have to be interpreted first. May 1974 Questions and answers Question : The Churches are not prepared to accept Spiritualism ; they stick with the letters of the Bible and obstinately turn down everything else. What does the realm of the spirit have to say about this? Answer : We continue with the great task of breaking down falsehoods so that the truth can be victorious and occupy the elevated position it deserves. Let us always remind ourselves of the sacred MISSION we are engaged it. Let us recall the fundamental truths that we want to establish. Never forget that you live in a world filled with misery, hardship and distress. The number of those that look for alleviation and comfort grows daily , because the old catchwords no longer satisfy their open-minded spirit. They reject the things that were accepted in the past, because the authority of the priesthood has waned