Spiritualism versus Spiritism - Addenda

59 Speer : I believed in the possibility of spiritual, respectively occult phenomena and I wanted to know whether one was indeed dealing with spirits. This is why I undertook experiments and they finally led to success. Question : Which experiment managed to convince you that you were dealing with spirits? Speer : The spirits were actually trying very hard to verify their existence. But I soon enough discovered that my endeavours were interfered with. I said to myself: “I am not interested in dealing with base spirit entities.” These words triggered a plethora of spook activities. Furniture was moved around, floorboards creaked, gravity was abrogated and knocking sounds could be heard everywhere. Question : Do you believe that this spook was an answer to your words? Speer : Absolutely! Once we established contact through automatic writing I was gibed and insulted with shameful words. This was very convincing evidence, because the base world of spirit revealed itself. The indignities and the fearmongering stopped later on, but we were told unbelievable fantasies instead. Question : What do you think this nonsense was supposed to achieve? Speer : To force us to abandon our experiments! A battle between good and evil INTELLIGENCES immediately ensued if we ask a moral question. We had to gradually fight our way to the SURFACE through hundreds of experiments. Higher spirit beings then established the required PROTECTION for us. Question : Do you believe that somebody can be killed by a spirit entity? Speer : ALL human beings have generally speaking a GUARDIAN ANGEL to protect them, but an exception could be possible. The main danger lies in that human beings can be utilised for such a murderous deed (for instance an amok runner) who will then say: “I cannot remember anything” . Objection : Most people assert that all of this is a primitive superstition. Speer : The real fighters of research into life in the hereafter were excellent and meritorious personalities with enough sense to deduce things uninfluenced and logical. They were not primitive human beings one could dupe in any way. Question : Why do eminent personalities, people who deal with parapsychology and ESP, reject the hereafter and its spirits faced with so much evidence? Speer : This is partially due to conceitedness . One will not admit that a self-educated person could conceivably know more about it than a famous professor. It is also a case of respect, because the hereafter does not want to be made fun off, it wants to be acknowledged . This is why the realm of the spirit endeavours to interfere with all academic experiments, well at least until this joshing is replaced with open mindedness. • The doors of heaven cannot be opened with ungodliness and one cannot expect heaven to confer fame to anyone.