Christmas Meeting 2002

9 After a meditation of about 20 minutes for the Earth and its residents, the messenger of light EUPHENIUS reported as expected: Participant : GREETINGS IN THE NAME OF GOD! Welcome, dear spiritual FRIENDS in our reduced circle. We hope that many people have tied themselves into our medi- tation and we affected something with our combined POWERS. We also hope for excellent cooperation with you for the coming year. Please report back to us. EUPHENIUS : GREETINGS TO GOD AND PEACE ACROSS ALL FRONTIERS! EUPHENIUS is speaking here. We also welcome you in divine LOVE and in hu- mility. You are embedded in a gigantic CLOUD of LIGHT which has been chan- nelled by many souls over your circle and to the ANGELIC BEINGS, which pass these ENERGIES on to areas where they are most needed. There are many souls who have created a BRIDGE to you. There is a lot of LOVE, LIGHT and WARMTH available in the divine NAME so that you are wrapped up here in di- vine LIGHT for the last meeting of this year. It is a beautiful conclusion for this year and nice to see that so many souls have proclaimed themselves ready, to do this meditation together with you. We hope that this ENERGY finds its way to ef- fect positive and things FULL of LIGHT around you and that we succeed, togeth- er with the SANTINER, to keep peace on Earth and help people so that they don't feel need or fall pray to illness and fears. We will continue with our topic next year, which will come to an end under my leadership. SETHAN is also present and will discuss further steps with you during the next meeting. We hope that your heart and your LOVE of each other and your LOVE for GOD will continue to grow through this closure and this tie between us strengthens so that you recognize that nothing in life is unimportant, but that you are here on Earth to develop the growth of your soul to maturity. We wish for you for the coming year, that you might be able to continue further on your way, to radiate LIGHT and divine LOVE. In the NAME of GOD and in the NAME of EVERYONE present here today, we express our gratitude. Participant : Many thanks for your words. May I ask a question? EUPHENIUS : Please ask away. Participant : At the last meeting, no personal message was channelled for our inspirational me- dium. Would you like to do this now? EUPHENIUS : We would like to answer through the “medium that writes“, because our “medium that speaks” has decided that this shall not be happening through it, but that it should be happening independently between LUKAS and yourself. Participant : Now, immediately? EUPHENIUS : We can make it now if you want to. (In a short time, the preparations for automatic writing were completed.)