Christmas Meeting 2002

10 LUKAS : GREETINGS IN THE NAME OF GOD AND PEACE ACROSS ALL FRON- TIERS! We want to try to end this year in writing also, in new surroundings. We had not forgotten to convey a personal message for our inspiration medium. We would have done it, but at the end of the meeting, we couldn‘t reach you anymore. Your internal unrest prevented this. N o w t o o u r d e a r i n s p i r a t i o n a l m e d i u m : You we able to increase your inner attachment to GOD and HIS EMPIRE further, during this year that is now coming to a close. You have also improved in creating the necessary spare time, for you to do so. This must also continue in the New Year because your po- tential isn't fully exploited. But we mustn't push this education, you alone are in charge of your own development. You know it yourself, because quite frequently, you could already ascertain that the contact to GOD’S WORLD of LIGHT brought you an inner stability, which has helped you in the heavy work your do daily . We want to do everything from our side in the New Year also, so that you can go along your path- the way you would like to. Your psychic work has advanced very far. We are very content. Your progress in healing could also be increased further but we aren't sure whether you would like to go along this path further. You still haven't consciously, within yourself, decid- ed to go along this path. However, you have the opportunity for this. We know that you carry out your psychic work here, with an inner empathy in- deed. This is important to us so that we can maintain the basic working relation- ship we need. We will continue to cooperate very well in the New Year and look forward to your cooperation. We would still like to mention that your impatience and sometimes also your tem- perament require some dampening . Try to improve something here! You will re- ceive every help we can give, if you want to have it. You know how you can reach us. We would like to end this evening now in remembrance of all those, who have made these evenings possible throughout the past year. We greet you all, whether near and far , who endeavour to illuminate this dark planet in the NAME of GOD. GREETINGS TO GOD! LUKAS Giving thanks and saying goodbye to the group. After closing the chakras, there follows a short meditation.