Christmas Meeting 2002

8 Me d i t a t i o n e v e n i n g December 29th, 2002 At the beginning of the meditation a message was read from the "Menetekel", the record of all protocols of the "Medialen Friedenskreis, Berlin" ( Psychic Circle of Peace, Berlin): Well, the world is in a great crisis, which can be likened to a great darkness. Howev- er, consider that the GREAT LIGHT will follow this darkness. For some of you it may take too long, because impatience is one of man's fault. This fault must also be puri- fied. Many are the numbers who thinks that ungodliness is making progress. However, I tell you t h a t y o u d o n ' t h a v e a b a s i s f o r s u c h a n a n x i e t y . The uni- verse is ruled by GOD and HIS ARMY and under no circumstances by HIS adversary! The great CELEBRATION of LIGHT has a corresponding meaning in the empire of GOD as well. The spiritual SUN penetrates the whole universe and everywhere, where DARKNESS reigns, GOD performs miracles. Certainly, the earth’s humanity experiences its darkest hour. But what does it really matter, this certainty that GOD k n o w s of this night? GOD will not let this condi- tion c o n t i n u e e t e r n a l l y . Therefore switch on the LIGHTS in your hearts so that they brighten up the night so that the CREATOR c a n s e e that you long for the SUN! Christmas is no business transaction but a celebration of the infinite LOVE of GOD. Under the influence of his adversary, people have made this great CELEBRATION of LIGHT of the divine consecration, into a business pandemonium. The great giving of presents to Earth’s humanity happens through GOD the LORD, through HIS REVELATIONS! In spite of all negative resistances, mankind will come to the realisation that life isn't limited by time but only serves the physical for a period of time. The universe is so marvellous and great, that it is at the disposal of every soul – not only on one star but e v e r y soul will run c o n s c i o u s l y t hrough all these levels, if the SPIRIT of GOD within human beings finally wakes up and is recognized. Peace in the universe is the most sacred LAW. Many ANGELS do their best to realise this LAW on Earth. GOD continuously tries to free his children from the claws of the fallen spirits. ITS spiritual HELPERS stretch their hands out to you, so that you can be pulled up. Have trust in the GREAT SPIRIT who created the universe - and who has given you life. GOD wishes to have intimate contact with all people of this Earth. Therefore GOD has made this contact become reality through JESUS CHRIST. PEACE ACROSS ALL FRONTIERS! PEACE IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE! GREETINGS from GOD and GOD’S BLESSING for this Earth! Amen