Evidence of telepathy through experiments

The results of the experiments Seven symbols (Barker-Code with m = 7) within a timespan for every symbol of 120 seconds were realised in the experiment. The repeated processing was calculated from the results of the classical statistics and the methods of the apparametric statistics and the non -linear values of the heat flows. We can see a number of examples of the utilisation of the methods of classical statistics in images 2 and 3. Image 2 Image 3 The histograms are depicted here in three coordinates and they characterise the work done on the objects. Image 2 is a recording by Dr. Hasler. Image 3 by Dr. Rasin. Coordinates: X is the heat flow Y is the local temperature Z is the frequency The information signals from the agent and the percipient after the non-linear filtration can be seen in image 4 (first attempt) and in 5 (second attempt). The result of the addition of the Barker-Code plus the filtered signal from Dr. Hasler before the urine-therapy Rn = 18, after the urine-therapy Rn = 26. The addition of the Barker-Code to the filtered signal from Dr. Rasin is 104 in the first attempt and 51 in the second. The results of the addition with the agent and with the percipient are considerable higher than the interferences after the exit from the filter, besides, such a characteristics certifies for us that the relationship signal/interference (S/R) was predominantly more than one. • The confirmation that a telepathic connection channels exists has thereby been furnished. Just how good the improvement with the correlation process (the addition of the main code) is, shows the relationship U = S/R at the exit from the filter / S/R at t he entrance to the filter. The comparison of these characteristics from the first and the second attempt can be seen in image 4 and 5, for the agent and the percipient respectively.