Evidence of telepathy through experiments

Disturbance stable codes Before the start of the experiment, the agent had to be able to concentrate on two different images. The opportunity to conduct the experiment only eventuate after the agent had concentrated on an image. The selected, image-symbolic connection was tested with this experiment. The agent could only operate with images. We talk about a symbolic connection when we are able to establish a certain sequence with the opportunities presented with these two images. This might give us the opportunity to establish a mathematical code. As previous research indicated, the telepathic connection functioned retarded (the agent could only concentrate on a new image after circa one minute had lapsed). The Codes of Barker were selected as the first series of codes for the first experiments (Image 1). If we apply this hypothesis, namely that different amounts of psychic energies are required to produce two different images, they should become apparent with the change of characteristic attributes, namely the local heat flow on the forehead when the agent changes from one image to the other, and when the telepathic channels functions, also mirror with the percipient. In this way, when we register the average value of the heat flow or the statistical central value, these processes will have the “image” of the Code of Barker. This “image” might be interfered with a little, but only a simple task in the transmission theory arises, namely the uncovering of the signals with known forms with an additive mixture of signals and interferences. This task has a better solution as extremum of the function of the correlation between the used local heat flow and the main series (Barker-Code). Image 1: Code of R. Barker