Precognition - The scientific view

Part 2: Experimental results Professor Robert G. Jahn and his colleagues at the University of Princeton, USA, furnished the hitherto most definite evidence of the presence of precognition during scientific experiments (compare [1]). The principle utilised in these experiments was as follows: Two students form a test team. One acts as sender (agent), the other as receiver (percipient). The sender sends a specific image at a specified or unspecified time. The receiver tried to receive this image. These experiments are carried out at the same moment precognitive or retrocognitive. Precognitive denotes that the reception takes place before the dispatch. Retrocognitive demotes that the reception takes place after the dispatch. These experiments were statistically evaluated by having both participants answer 30 questions in a questionnaire. The results showed: • That precognition seems to be independent of time and also space. This would indicate that this takes place within the above described energy-conscious reality of time and space. Part 3: Attempt to explain and practical consequences 1.0 Everything that exists is consciousness Every theory about paranormal phenomena must be based on the reality of consciousness. We introduce the concept of consciousness in place of matter and energy and assert that everything that exists only consist of consciousness, an assumption amongst assumptions that Hegel had already made. How can we justify this these days? The first assumption is that everything that exists is traced back to ENERGY. This assumption is, after Einstein’s formula E = mc2 had been formulated, acceptable and it has been actually verified through the atom bomb so that we can formulate it: Everything that exists is ENERGY But this ENERGY is unstructured. We therefore require the second assumption of an additional magnitude, a structural magnitude. What does give ENERGY structure, a pattern and form? We define this second magnitude as INFORMATION and we can write: ENERGY and INFORMATION equal CONSCIOUSNESS In a formula (but only symbolically): E + I = C E = Energy I = Information C = Consciousness