Precognition - The scientific view

The seemingly absurd thing of this situation is that we are indeed fatefully tied (determined) on the one hand, and that there are no coincidences, but that our decisions of will are free on the other hand. To comprehend and to live this paradoxical situation is surely one of our tasks within our future development. It is probably one of the most important tasks that we have to master within our whole evolution. 5.0Literature [1] F. Moser: Consciousness in space and time – The foundations of a holistic philosophy based on science; Leykam-Verlag Graz, 1989. [2] F. Moser: Consciousness in relationships – The foundations of a holistic ethic; Leykam-Verlag Graz,1991. * * * * * * * 6.0Latest research Light particles are more closely connected than one originally thought Entangled light particles or photons belong amongst the strangest phenomena within quantum physics. They develop conjointly, but separated from one another at the speed of light, still remain connected to one another so that everything that takes place has an immediate, but reversed effect on the other. One has held the opinion up to now, that this invisible band is destroyed when one of the of the photons encounters matter. A team of physicists assembled around Erwin Altewischer from the University of Leiden has now verified the opposite [1]. These researchers directed a laser beam at a crystal whereby twin photons were created. These photons then flew towards a metal foil with tiny holes in it. The holes were actually too small for the photons, because their diameter were smaller than the length of the light waves. The particles still managed to squeeze through by converting into so-called plasmons (Surface vibrations), passing through the hole to then adopt their original form again. • The pairs of photons were surprisingly still entangled after they had traversed through the sieve of light. 7.0Literature [1] NATURE, volume 418, P. 304, (2002).