Physicists present evidence of eternity

- 2 - One is for instance aware that pairs of electrons form a system. This in a form where one electron displays a physical attribute (for instance spin) of plus ½ and the other electron of minus ½. If one changes the physical attributes of one in whatever fashion, the attributes of the other changes automatically, that is to say instantly so that the total value always returns to zero. Physicists had held the opinion up to then, that this phenomenon only appear within spatial closeness. New experiments have however unambiguously verified that this system also remains intact at unimaginable distances. “Even if one were to shoot one of the electrons to Sirius for instance, a star that is nine lightyears from planet Earth.” Scientific experiments clearly show that pairs of electrons compliment one another independent of space. • These physicists recognised that this reality is an integral structure wherein everything is connected to everything else. Moser explained that if phenomena exist that can exist independent from space and therefore also independent of time, dimensions must exist that we have not yet grasped. We must be dealing with dimensions that go beyond our known dimensions like length, width, height and time. Ergo a dimension devoid of time and this is eternity, the world of the hereafter, the world of consciousness. These latest insights place us at the end of the materialistic age and at the beginning of a new, metaphysical age – an age that transcends all hereto made experiences – the scientist from Graz ventures. “We are presently experiencing the end phase of one and the birth throes of another. Many different metaphysical views of the world existed over the past millennia. We can however understand the new one this time around. This is the first time in human history that an absurd view of the world can be experimentally verified by the sciences.” These new insights also form the basis for a new image of man: The individuum that consists of a body and a consciousness. Moser determines that these two areas have not been fully taken into consideration up to now. Most people totally identify with their body. “We say, I am getting old, I must die. It does indeed mean that my body is getting old and the body must die. But the consciousness remains timeless. And this consciousness gives human beings a timeless, eternal existence.” Moser stipulates further: “We always live simultaneously in two worlds, namely within the biological, physical reality that is the here and now and in an energy-conscious-reality that is the hereafter.’ This image of man finds confirmation to an increasing degree in the new discipline, namely the science of death (Thanatology). This doesn’t just include the latest insights from physics, biology and psychology, but also the results from numerous researches into dying and the state of death. The comparison of these reports with the ancient doctrines of wisdom of the Egyptians, the Tibetan Book of the Dead or the Gilgamesh-epos exposes astonishing consensuses . And for instance, also in the near-death conditions of the clinically dead that have been “brought back to life”. Experiences like bells ringing, humming sounds or going through a tunnel, becoming consciously aware of