Physicists present evidence of eternity

- 3 - exiting the body, light phenomena, a review of one’s life and an incredible feeling of peace are reported about over again. Moser asserts that one can conquer the fear of old age and death on this basis. One can even learn to age and to die, but one has to start this as early as possible, in one’s youth. But how? Moser recons that Lotte Ingrisch describes it best in her “Reiseführer ins Jenseits” (Travel guide to the hereafter): “Nobody teaches us to die. But all of us die. And only a few can teach us, because they have a talent for it. Most regards death as an end filled with horror that is followed by horror without an end. This isn’t true! Death is a fairy-tale. Do not be afraid. Death is completely different from what we think it is. We can safely bury this bugaboo, because it is nothing more than a figment of our upbringing and our fantasy. A Grim Reaper, a Slaughterer or a Strangling Angel does not exist. Death turns simple and easy if one does not dramatize it. So easy in fact that one might not even feel it. The surprising message is that dying doesn’t even hurt. Because the so fervently feared death throes are actually just a battle to survive the dying engage in, instead of letting go. Those that do not fight it, will also not suffer. Receive death like a lover and death with not violate you.” * * * * * * *