Introduction | Communicating with God’s World of Spirit – its laws and its purpose

awakening envy, pride and jealousy. If some should t ry to creep in amongst us , we beseech them to wi thdraw in the NAME of GOD. Good spi ri t s , you that serve GOD and CHRIST, come to us so you can t each us . Make us recept ive for your doct rines . Make al l personal feel ings wi thin us disappear to make room for thoughts for the common good. We par t icul arly ask our GUARDIAN ANGELS to gr ant us thei r support . – Amen. Those that want to engage in or perform communications with the hereafter, it matters not what method they use, should print and read the brochure "Die Zuverlässigkeit medialer Durchgaben und die Prüfung der Geister" (5) from the “Psycho-scientific Frontiers” site in order to recognise the refined deceptions those in the hereafter often employ. After entering the USA (after a transition period) Johannes Greber moved into a house in Teaneck, a small city very close to New York. He had married in the meantime and founded a small Church community he called “Church of Believers in God”. Church services were held at a New York hotel every Sunday. Amongst others, Greber’s wife Elisabeth also acted as a medium. Johannes Greber died from a heart attack on Good Friday, the 31st of March 1944 after such a Church service, he was not quite 70 years old. His books are however still printed and published to this day. * * * * * * * Suffer for Justice, on behalf of your soul, and struggle unto death, on behalf Of justice, and God will fight against your enemies on your behalf. Sirach 4, 33