The Blue Notebooks - Volume 3: Messages from our Older Brothers

10 th of May 1962 All secret-sciences have only one aim, namely to teach human beings to learn to recognise who and what they are. There are secrets that we may not aim to reveal, because our consciousness is too immature to grasp them. We would not be able to comprehend them or absorb them if they were revealed to us, not even with our SUPERNATURAL SENSES. Even the greatest and highest SPIRIT BEINGS do not ask about them, because the ONE, ONE SINGULAR FORCE – GOD is inexplicable and incomprehensible. All living creatures can sense, feel and call upon HIM, whether incarnated or UN-INCARNATED. But the “last question” will never be answered unless they have dissolved within HIM and therefore no longer individually exist. All of us have flowed out of HIM and we eternally strive to return to our ORIGIN. – All existences of any kind are just a bridge, an aid to learn to comprehend our solidarity with HIM, those that know HIM as their CAUSE do not require this . 11 th of May 1962 – 8 am Everything your spiritual EYES are able to see are realities . The further you travel along the path of self-control, thought-discipline and universal-love-vibrations, the more clearly you can recognise OTHER WORLDS and absorb your impressions within your knowledge and evaluate them. You are then in a position to send your ASTRAL BODIES to other planets where the vibrations are roughly the same as your Earth’s. You can then SEE and perceive other things, events and worlds that are and will remain inaccessible to your five senses. Your five senses are organs designed for the exploration of solid matter and only attuned to the composition of your home planet. You can however grasp everything revealed on your level of awareness on similar planets, things just above and below, but no more. This is why the EYES and EARS of the SOUL were incorporated in you so that you can recognise the SUPERNATURAL, ergo revelations that are beyond your five senses whose recognition can expand and elevate your consciousness in an unexpected fashion. But you will also be able to perceive and acknowledge things that can adversely affect all life. Therein exists a danger! Because only pure souls can remain untouched and learn what to avoid from such sights, in order to deprive such ENTITIES of their existence. 2 pm Believe me, to be connected to GOD’S ENERGY for one second takes all human beings a thousand times further than week-long discussions that can destroy and talk everything delicate out of existence . People can indeed exchange their experiences in a calm and tolerant fashion and allow ENERGY for cognition to flow from one to the other and vice versa. JESUS also said: ”When two or three are assembled in my name, I will be there amongst them.” – In his name means in his spirit, in the spirit of the highest SOLIDARITY with GOD, the LOVE VIBRATION that maintains all life. So when a group of people vibrate on the same level, quiet, harmonious and open to UNIVERSAL STREAMS of LOVE, an enormous ENERGY flows from them that harmonises everything around them and sends WAVES of PEACE that circle the Earth and create neutralising moments. It would be wonderful if people were to take the time to get together and act in his name instead of fighting over spiritual, religious or philosophical themes. One can also be a SENDER and NEUTRALISER on one’s own and, according to intensity and devotion, the most astonishing results can eventuate. Most people cannot understand these simple pieces of wisdom, they seem too simple and because hostile POWERS exert a spell on, also because they would not like to see them waking up from