The Blue Notebooks - Volume 3: Messages from our Older Brothers

23 rd of December 1962 SPIRIT is the only UNIVERSAL VITALITY. SPIRIT flows eternally, in infinite abundance from the CENTRE you call “GOD”. SPIRIT is the bearer of all universal LAWS and everything that exists in incalculable variety has emerged from the SPIRIT, is maintained and carried, nourished, transformed and returned to the purely SPIRITUAL once again. 4 pm Do understand that it is sometimes quite difficult to talk to you clearly in a foreign language. A lot of things can only be expressed in images, but most things only in feelings, sounds and vibrations that in turn are very difficult to interpret by the receivers. It is time that all that strive, each in their own field that they prepared themselves for over many incarnations, really work with great diligence. You that strive should therefore renounce everything that wastes your time , everything that hinders your quest. You still live within the narrow barriers of time and space and you must therefore learn to deal with them. The better you learn to control this art form, the more time and space you will have for your endeavours. Leave everything superfluous and all hindrances to one side so you can reach down into the stillness of your HEARTS. Endeavour to do your research with like-minded people so you can exchange your experiences. Do not waste your ENERGY on the unwilling and the lazy. Be filled with love for your fellow men and bless everything around you that is alive. Quietly bless all human beings in your HEARTS, each and every one you set your eyes on, your hands can touch and your higher senses can apprehend. Understand me correctly: Be blessing, loving and understanding human beings. All the ENERGY to do this is deposited within you, bring it to the surface and spray it around so that it may regenerate in you a thousand times over in order to shine over all life even stronger . 25 th of December 1962 Love thy neighbour as you love thyself. This is the message of the great BENEVOLENT FRIEND, because all the knowledge about the cosmic coherences of life lie within these words. Love is the glowing, compelling FORCE of the UNIVERSAL SOLIDARITY. Love is the cohesion that binds everything together to form an enormous whole. Love is the SPIRITUAL FIRE that burns everything that’s superfluous within the great revelation of the spirit. Love transforms the REFUSE of the cosmos into ENERGY, it burns and forms it and reconstructs with it. This is why love is GOD! Love thy neighbour as you love thyself. Well, you are your neighbour and your neighbour is you. You, all of us, are ONE, a WHOLE and one cannot exist without the other. Recognise this VASTNESS, this WHOLENESS that love binds together. – We love you, we bless you! Your OLDER BROTHERS.