Future scenarios from Psycho-science and Prophecy

- 3 - Future scenarios from psycho-science and prophecy (Lecture by Karl Schnelting) Part 1 Introduction • Can we gain a vision of the future for the years 1997 to 1999 from the prophetic knowledge of nations, from the predictions of seers and sensitives? • Can we glean insights from them about how we can help the disaster prone people on Earth, people the work of all national committees are there to help more effectively and better prepared? • Can insights be gleaned that allow us to classify the deeper coherences of the dramatic increase of catastrophes? The reason for such questions was also the announced “Decade of Indigenous People” by the United Nations (1995 – 2005). With the “International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction” (IDNDR), the UN, the political organ of the international community, had already directed the attention of the public in 1989 to the catastrophes that could be expected in the years 1990 – 2000. Beyond this, with the proclamation of the “Decade of Indigenous People”, ergo the primitive tribes around the world, the UN took into account that the native inhabitants (in contrast to industrialised communities) have always retained a close relationship with Mother Nature and the land. This is why the conservation of Mother Earth had always played a specific role in their mythology, but also what will take place if people do not act in harmony with nature. This increase in catastrophes increased the readiness to listen to the cues of indigenous people to a higher degree. What I do find remarkable is that the native tribes, initially quite independently from one another, have felt beholden since mankind entered the nuclear age, to impart their up to now secret knowledge, to the “white man”. According to their understanding, a series of long standing predictions had been fulfilled forcing them to break with tradition and reveal their prophetic knowledge to the world in order to do their part to prevent a global catastrophe. Through requests directed at the President of the United States and the United Nations, Native Americans have been trying to talk to the General Assembly of the United Nations in order to warn them about coming events and this since WW II. Only since the beginning of the “Decade of Indigenous People” have they seriously been listened to, but still not in front of the General Assembly of the UN. The American Hopi Indians have gained specific renown and their representatives promote a gentler treatment of the Earth in many parts the world and endeavour to disseminate their traditional knowledge of the future. Many groups, also in Europe, promote the ideas of the Hopi Indians. The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Community) supported the project of Professor Rudolf Kaiser from Hildesheim that dealt with researching “the historical development and future relevance of the Hopi prophecies in situation” (Rudolf Kaiser, Die Stimme des Großen Geistes, Prophezeiungen und Endzeiterwartungen der Hopi-Indianer). An example of the knowledge of natives, as we find them on the various continents, concerns the mining of uranium that nuclear energy demands. Uranium deposits can usually be found