Future scenarios from Psycho-science and Prophecy

- 4 - in regions that the natives regards as sacred and taboo. They have always maintained that if the “White Brothers” trespasses these sites, they will unleash forces that they will no longer be able to control. These sites were and are being exploited without taking the rights of the aboriginals into consideration – and the unresolved problem of nuclear waste would burden subsequent generations for centuries, if a “great cleansing” of the terrestrial globe would not eventuate. The tragic incident at Chernobyl was a cultural shock to all industrial nations and the expected result the violation of the laws of nature in regards to the initiated within native tribes. The gloomy predictions from the camp of the natural sciences are piling up since the start of the IDNDRDecade. Television and the press confront people on a daily basis with new doom and gloom and this promotes a collective depression that makes a lot of people feel that the future is the kind of Hades that Dante describes as: “You who enter here, let all hope go!” It comes as no surprise that people once again return to the apocalyptic images of the religious myths of the past or reach for the visions of seers and prophets, ergo images that depict cleansing catastrophes around the globe in conjunction with an associated catharsis1 of its population with surprising similarity, but also proclaim a new beginning. Before I list three predictions of the future (as examples of many others), I will make the following preliminary remarks in order to help you understand the nature of prophesy: 1 Catharsis: Purification, purgation.