Future scenarios from Psycho-science and Prophecy

- 24 - The credentials of the speaker: Karl Schnelting, Born in 1930, a member of the board of the German IDNDR-Committee, studied philology in Münster, Westfalen, in the USA (Fulbright-scholarship) and in Paris (Sorbonne and Law Faculty) as well as studies of law in Bonn with the degree of junior assessor. Short-term employment in 1964 at the Ministry of Economic Co-operation followed as the personal consultant of the manager of the Saarland Radio and managing director of the Commission for GermanFrench co-operation in the field of radio. Publisher of the technical dictionary for Radio and Television, German-French and German-English. 1968-1976, television director of Saarland Broadcasting. 1971-1976, also co-ordinator for the family program of nine ARD-State Broadcasters and chairman of the “Working group for pre-school programs” of the First and the Third television programs of the ARD. 1976, called upon to lead the cultural and scientific program editors of the Second German Television (ZDF) as Chief Editor for Culture. 1995, resignation from the ZDF due to reasons of age, further commissioned to represent the ZDF in the German IDNDR-Committee. Publisher of a series of books titled „Zeugen des Jahrhunderts“ (Fischer TB Verlag) based on the ZDF television series of the same name initiated by him. Individual parts of the series were dealing with: Portraits of politics and political science, economy and society, music, Jewish life and literary portraits. Publisher of the large GU-Advisor “Unsere Bäume” (Verlag Gräfe und Unzer, 1992). Companion book to the 30 parts Television series “Von Bäumen und Menschen”; „Tiere als Ware, gequält, getötet, vermarktet“ (Zus. mit Autor Manfred Karremann), (Fischer TB 1993); „Hilfe, ich träume, Botschaften aus dem Reich der Seele“ (Goldmann Verlag 1984), Companion book to the ZDF television series of the same name. „Geistige Heilung, Dokumentation einer Sendereihe des ZDF (Aurum Verlag 1986);