Future scenarios from Psycho-science and Prophecy

- 23 - Final remarks When one takes the prophetic statements and messages from the SIBLINGS from the STARS serious, one can expect incisive changes in all the nations on Earth, also in European nations. We are frightfully inadequately prepared. On the one hand in regards to the structure of emergency services that are divided into 16 county responsibilities in Germany and hardly covers the eventualities of natural catastrophes that cross national boundaries. On the other hand, in regards to the attitude of individual citizens. Who in Central Europe would know what to do when hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions take place or when a drastic food shortage, a poisoned atmosphere or lengthy power blackout affects everyone? The effectiveness of the national IDNDR-Committee for the prevention of catastrophes would be measured above everything else by whether the population had been prepared for expected adverse events by providing it with concrete guidelines about how it could protect and save itself. Above everything else, one should demand from the governments of the space travelling nations to inform the world at large about the contacts with extraterrestrial spaceships and their transmitted messages. The necessary resolutions within the framework of the UN should then be taken, namely to make official contact with the SPACE BROTHERS and to ask for their co-operation in the name of the world’s community, last but not least in regards to the declared UN decade for the prevention of catastrophes. All further secrecy is a crime against humanity! According to a newspaper report, President Clinton decided on the 16th of October 1995, to release all secret documents about UFOs that are older than 20 years. About 100’000 pages have accordingly already been handed to the UFO researcher Clifford Stone and he is presently evaluating them. This happened due to the urging by Laurence Rockefeller (85) who would provide Clinton with the necessary campaign funds under the condition that he would have to bring about a breakthrough in regards to the question of UFOs in his present term in office. This report, and also the cluster of television programs that deal with extraterrestrial spaceships, above all the growing unrest amongst the astronauts that were forced to give misinformation and other signs, make me assume that question about the SIBLINGS from the STARS will denote 1996 as the year of awakening. It is indeed high time that the opportunities of receiving help in regards to a mankind threatened by catastrophes, are no longer hindered in any way. The End