Children’s heroic faith under an ungodly regime

“Good, my child, the chimney sweep comes because he exists!” There was a moment of silence. “You go to them because you are here, because you exist! But let’s assume that your parents call your grandfather who died. Will he come?” “No, I don’t think so.” “Good for you! – And when they call Masculinum? Or Red Riding Hood? Or Puss in Boots? You like fairytales, don’t you? What happens then?” “Nobody will come, because all of them are fabrications.” Angela looked up with her bright eyes, but immediately lowered them again. “Her eyes hurt me” she told the Pater later. The questioning continued: “Good, very good!” triumphed the teacher. “Indeed, your thinking is making progress. You can therefore see my children that those that exist come when called. But the others, those that do not exist or have ceased to exist, do not come. Is this clear?” “Yes” answered the whole class. “Good, we now make a little experiment.” She turned to Angela. “Go outside the room, my child?” The girl hesitantly left her desk. The door closed heavily behind her. “And now children, call her back!” “Angela, Angela!” called the children’s voices with all their might. Angela entered, more and more concerned. The teacher revelled in the achieved effect. The children were inclined to believe that this was a game. “Have all of you understood this?” she asked them. “When you call someone that exists, he or she will come. But when you call someone that is not at hand, he will not come, because he cannot come. Angela consists of flesh and blood, she is alive, she can hear; when she is called she comes. – Let’s assume now that you call Baby Jesus. Does anyone amongst you still believe in Baby Jesus?” A number of children answered timidly: “Yes”. “And you, my child, do you believe that Baby Jesus hears you when you call him?” Angela feels relieved. This was the trap!