Children’s heroic faith under an ungodly regime

With deep conviction she replied: “Yes, I believe that he hears me.” “Good, very good! We will now put this to the test. All of you saw that Angela came back inside when we called her. If Baby Jesus exists, he will hear you calling. Therefore, all of you call out as loud as you can: Come Baby Jesus, come! All together now, one, two three!” The girls lowered their heads. A devilish laugh penetrated the fearful silence: “This is exactly what I wanted to achieve! This is the evidence! You do not dare to call him, because you know all too well that your Baby Jesus will not come. He does not hear you, because just like Masculinum or Puss in Boots, he doesn’t exist! Because he is an invention, a fairy-tale that nobody takes serious; am I right?” The children were horrified. Not one of them said a word. This rough and clumsy procedure hit them right in the heart. Angela remained standing, as white as a sheet. – The teacher took pleasure in the confusion amongst the girls. Suddenly, something completely unexpected happened. With a single jump, Angela leapt amidst the schoolgirls. With glowing eyes, she called out: “We want to call him. You understand what I mean? All together: Come Baby Jesus!” The girls immediately stood up. With folded hands and pleading eyes, their hearts filled with infinite hope, they began to pray: “Come Baby Jesus! Come Baby Jesus!” The teacher was surprised. She subconsciously stepped back a little and fixed her gaze on Angela. A deadly silence reigned for a few seconds. A bright and crystal clear voice once again rang out: “Once again! Once again!” The Pastor said: “One of the girls told me that ‘we shouted as if we had to bring down walls’”. Fear, momentarily suppressed, but filled with the doubt of whether to continue, gave way to a sense of solidarity, that seemed to have been awakened by the impulse of their classmate who revealed herself as their leader, had an overall effect: All that was missing was the expectation of a miracle. One of the children confessed: “I called out, but I didn’t expect anything unusual.” A n d t h e n i t h a p p e n e d ! The girls didn’t look towards the door, they looked at the opposite wall and at the white wall Angela stood in front of. But the door opened silently… They noticed this, because all the daylight streamed towards the door. The light became stronger and stronger and changed into a fiery ball. The children got scared, but everything happened so fast that they didn’t have time to scream.