A vision of an earthquake in California

- 5 - frightened. At some places they fell on their knees and began to pray for the world. I didn’t know that the English were an emotional people, but all kinds of Churches in England, Ireland and Scotland were crowded with people day and night. People carried candles, everybody cried for California, Nevada, Colorado and Utah. All cried for California and many of them didn’t even know anybody in California. They cried as if the people there were their blood relatives, as if they were all part of one family, as if this had happened to themselves. The city of New York entered the picture. It was still there; nothing had happened there. The water levels were very high. Things were different here. People ran through the streets shouting: “The end of the world is here!” People entered restaurants and ate up everything they could get their hands on. I saw a shoe shop; all the shoes were stolen within 5 minutes. Everybody on 5th Avenue ran. A newsflash came through a loudspeaker informing them that the electricity might fail in a few minutes. They would have to look after themselves. Five girls ran to the CVJM, that place at Lexington or anywhere else, they ran as if they were frightened to death. Nothing happened in New York. An old lady filled trashcans with water, everyone was frightened to death and they all looked benumbed. The streets seemed to be full of loudspeakers, there was no daylight, it was night. I had another look the next day and found everything topsy turvy, loudspeakers once again sounded. Fuel tanks were broken in some area, oil was horded and people seemed to plunder the markets. I saw many places that looked as before and the people there were not frightened, particularly in the rural areas. Everything here seemed nearly as before, as if nothing had happened. People seemed to strive for these places, some on foot, some in cars, but some of them had run out of petrol. I heard or somehow knew, that land had appeared in the Atlantic Ocean, a lot of land. I became terribly tired and I wanted to wake up. I wanted to go back and look for that girl with the two children. I found myself once again in Hollywood. It was still 4:29pm. I was no longer on Big Bear Mountain. I found myself over Hollywood. I was simply here and this seemed completely natural in my dream. I could now hear a radio station and it blared out telling people not to panic. They died in the streets, there were films. There was a little man who should have been afraid, but he wasn’t. He said something about an aeroplane that was to fly over, but I knew that this wasn’t going to happen, because things also happened within the atmosphere. The ocean began to race towards the land, such waves, they were nightmarish waves. I once again saw the Bolder Dam, it rose up, folded inwards and broke to pieces. The Grand Canyon no longer existed; it had been pushed together. The Bolder Dam broke to pieces and all these radio stations announced it at the same time: The Bolder Dam has collapsed. I asked myself how the people in the East would get to hear about it when I saw hand radio operators (cellular phones). I spotted them in the most peculiar places and it was as if I was directly next to them. A little man with glasses said: ‘California speaking, we are sinking into the ocean, California speaking, we are sinking into the ocean. Run to the hills, run to the hills. All states in the West, this is California, we are moving towards the ocean.’ I could see him, he was towards the land, but the water had moved in, his hand grasped the table, he stood up so that he could say one more time: ‘California speaking, we are sinking into the ocean.’ I seemed to hear these words over again, the same words hour after hour. They continued with this until the end, all of them screamed: ‘Run for the mountains, California is sinking into the ocean.’ I woke up, but it didn’t feel that I had dreamt. I have never been so tired, for one or two minutes I thought that it had actually happened. I asked myself a couple of questions: I never found out what