A vision of an earthquake in California

- 4 - them. It looked like this for a long time, three minutes, but three minutes seemed like an eternity. All of them tried to get inside. They would remain standing, one knew that they would remain standing even if the water would continue to rise – but they didn’t! I had never imagined before what it would be like to see a building die. A building is like a person, it will give in. Some of the larger ones did just that. They started to crumble, like an old man with the shakes who can no longer stand up. They disintegrated into nothing. The smaller buildings screamed like mad, louder and higher that the creaming of the people. They were mad with mortal fear, but the buildings did die. I could no longer look at the people. My desire to go higher and higher continued and I was lifted up to a point where I could see better. I seemed to be on top of the Big Bear Mountain near San Bernadino, but the strange thing about it was that I could see everywhere at once. I was aware of what was happening. The earth seemed to shake again. Even though I was high above it, I could feel it. It lasted maybe 12 seconds this time and it was gentle. One finds it hard to believe that something so gentle could cause such a lot of damage, but I saw the streets of Los Angeles and everything between Los Angeles and the San Bernadino Mountains tilt towards the ocean, houses and everything that was left. I could see the major highways, dozens of lanes that were still overwhelmed with cars, some sections had five lanes and all the cars went in the same direction. And then the ocean came and it moved like a giant snake across the land. I asked myself what time it was and even though I wasn’t on the Boulevard, I could see the clock, it was 4:29pm, half an hour had passed. I was glad that I could no longer hear the creaming, but that I was able to see everything. Then, like looking at a giant map of the world, I could see what was happening to the land and to the people. San Francisco felt it, but it was in no way like Hollywood and Los Angeles. I seemed to see that not only the Garlet-Fault, but also the San-Andreas Fault shook San Francisco. I could see how all the mountains came together, the Sierra Nevada, San Andreas and Garlet. I knew what was going to happen in San Francisco. It would tilt because of the Garlet Fault. It would be turned upside down. Because of the twisting, it happened very quickly. It seemed to happen a lot quicker than in Hollywood, but I was suddenly no longer there, I was far away from it. I closed my eyes for a long time. I guess it was for about ten minutes, and when I opened them again, I saw the Grand Canyon, as I looked at the Grand Canyon, the large gap closed. The Boulder Dam was lifted from underneath, it seemed as if a volcano with all its associated events was erupting from Nevada to Reno and all the way south to Baha California and Mexico, I saw the map of South America, Columbia was particularly effected by another severe volcanic eruption. Venezuela also seemed to have a few volcanic activities. I could see Japan in the far distance and it was lying on a fault line. It was so far away that I couldn’t see it clearly, because I was on top of the Big Bear Mountain, but Japan began to sink into the sea. I didn’t know how late it was at this point. The people looked like puppets, so far away that I couldn’t see them. It was all over in one or two minutes; it had passed and there was nobody left behind. I didn’t know how late it was, I didn’t have a watch. I tried to see the Hawaiian Islands; I could see huge tidal waves crash into the islands. The people in the streets got wet and they were startled, but I didn’t see anybody fall into the ocean. I saw further inundations around the globe. Is the world being drowned? Constantinople, the Black Sea rose, the Suez Canal seemed to dry up for some reason. Sicily couldn’t hold on. I could see the map, Mount Etna quivered, a large section of it seemed to slide away, but it seemed to be earlier or later. I didn’t know how late it was. England endured floods, but not due to a tidal wave. Water everywhere, but I did not see anyone disappear in the sea. The people there were absolutely