Man and the reason of his earthly existence

2 Words from WHITE EAGLE: Forgo all the requests your lower self demands. Hold on to the SOURCE of your inspiration. It is neither your mind nor your soul, but your radiant spirit, the ORIGINAL SOURCE of all bliss, harmony, beauty and LIGHT. CHRIST’S SPIRIT within your heart is truthful, pure and divine. It represents the focal point from whence all seekers of the truth must operate from. Make peace with heaven and peace will reign on Earth. Welcoming all present and the beginning of the questions. EUPHENIUS :GREETINGS IN THE NAME OF GOD AND PEACE ACROSS ALL FRONTIERS! This is EUPHENIUS speaking. - We greet you very cordially and we are pleased about your inner harmony and the emanations coming from your hearts. We greet all of you in the NAME of GOD and we hope for an informative and successful evening, so that other souls can also gain insights in order to progress in their own development. We are grateful that this work serves the purpose of bringing the pure WORD to souls that are ready to receive this WORD and new insights in the NAME of GOD. We are curious about the questions you’re going to ask about our theme, namely why you have your humanness, your problems and your difficulties on this globe. We like to inform you once again that you have a great number of soul entities around you, eagerly listening to these indoctrinations in order to find their way into the LIGHT. They all salute you and wish you all the best for the rest of your earthly existence. We are pleased that you have realised how important it is for you to remain focused on what you do and not get entangled . We will endeavour to convey this difficult theme to you, using your phraseology in order to make its meaning and its higher knowledge comprehensible within you. (TB: Consideration.)  But remember that you are subject to the same LEGALITIES as every other human being here on Earth. In spite of the work you do here, you have no primacy in regards to your fellow man! Remember this and live your life in humility and in the hope that enlightenment will come to every single individual. Question : In what way were we in danger of getting “entangled”? EUPHENIUS :The danger, that you would entangle yourselves in your all too human deliberations exists, because human beings always try to outwardly express their own valences and always endeavour to guide their own power potential to the outside. But you were