Man and the reason of his earthly existence

28  A lot of things will become clearer and more noticeable for you, once you begin to search for the meaning of your own existence. Your physical shell, with all its functions, organs and nerve conduits, is a highly developed, sensitive structure, something you can not yet reproduce with your present day knowledge. Your gene research represents the first step where you begin to have a look inside GOD’S CONSTRUCTION KIT. Whether this can be converted in something positive, something pleasing in the EYES of GOD is still questionable. - We thank you for your interest in your own existence and we are looking forward to the next meeting. With GOD’S LOVE, EUPHENIUS and the TEAM. (T. B: It was well worth it.) Words from WHITE EAGLE: Never give up . Ban all negative thoughts. Think exclusively positive and constructive and your body will react accordingly. Every part and ever cell of or body is subjected to divine power and glory. Your higher YOU - CHRIST within you - is king. Strengthen the CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS in you and you will triumph over darkness and evil. In CHRIST’S spirit, there is no failure. - Search for the point of tranquillity within the centre of your being. JESUS said: Drop everything and follow me. We do not mean for you to neglect your worldly responsibilities, because they are part and parcel of your spiritual path and your daily discipline. But what we mean is for you to withdraw daily from your external world, from the noise and from the conflicts around you, in order to find the truth at a place of quietness and peace, beyond any mundane thoughts. The impressions you receive from the quiet, inner voice help you to recognise the TRUTH and to identify the true RESONANCE. Learn to be calm and quiet - learn to listen.