Extraterrestrial life

2 Answer : GREETINGS IN THE NAME OF GOD AND PEACE ACROSS ALL FRONTIERS! We would like to thank you to begin with for the fact that we are allowed to be here with you at this location as your guests. As a TEAM, we are looking forward to the questions that are about to be asked in order to help you along your spiritual path. Yes, these abductions are real . These beings are not beings that act within a divine ASSIGNMENT. They are not sent by GOD, but belong to a different power. We know that their actions trigger fears and terrors within you. We can only have a limited affect on this, the way we can may not or can not always interfere here on Earth. Question : This was a different story in the fifties and sixties. Contacts of a different nature took place then. There were reports of humanoid beings who called themselves SANTINER, who looked like terrestrial human beings and who brought high grade messages to Earth. But it was mentioned that the Earth was protected from negative extraterrestrials by the SANTINER. Answer : You and many people who have undertaken this journey are aware of the existence of the SANTINER.  The SANTINER are MESSENGERS sent by GOD. That the existence of negative entities becomes more and more apparent now has something to do with people’s negative thought processes . Remember the saying:  Negative attracts negative! The last few years have served the purpose of emphasising shady sides. The duality here on Earth was also promoted . These VIBRATIONS release ENERGIES and WAVES and this is the reason for the proliferated operation of these creatures. We are still at a stage where we try to awaken GOD’S SPARK, LOVE and the LIGHT within people in order to deny these powers room. Objection : We are aware that a lot of positive ENTITIES influence the Earth in order to bring the divine SPARK within people to shine… Answer : Yes, this is our ASSIGNMENT. Objection : … and we therefore expect more discernible actions from the SANTINER. If these actions were on a more massive scale, many people would listen to the transmitted indoctrinations from the SANTINER more attentively and they would ask a lot of questions. Apart from that, our position would also be fortified . Do you see this the way I do? Answer : This argumentation is correct, but it is unfortunately too early for this. Many souls would not know what to do with this or to express this a little better: We - in this case the SANTINER - would trigger a lot of anxiety.