Extraterrestrial life

14 Your brother from the stars TAI SHIIN. Participant: I sometimes have certain reservations in regards to the way we ask our questions. What can you, in the spiritual realm, tell us about this from your point of view? Answer : These questions arise out of your present mental and spiritual development. Whether these questions are of a low or a high standard cannot be assessed. You, yourselves will observe how over the years your questions have become more complicated and more complex and how their contents has also changed. As a circle you must grow, the medium must grow and as a TEAM, we must progress with you within the same LEVELS of VIBRATION. Question : If you must adapt to us , what will make this circle progress? Answer : You are the pacemakers and you set the tempo and the time. Question : Could you theoretically “push” us? Answer : You would then not be able to deal with the answers! Question : Are all the things that are supposed to eventuate predestined ? Answer : To some degree yes and to some degree no. Various ways and effects converge. Not everything is predictable and determinable, like for instance a time frame. A lot of things are changeable through a positive attitude to life and to LOVE. We would like to bring this to a close. - We, as a TEAM, wish you a wonderful time and we would like to ask you to contemplate the theme “Faith and trust” and also what you would like to achieve in regards to your soul’s development. You will not be in a position to cross borders without your own trust in yourself. You alone, every individual one of you, is able do this by yourself. Be assured, you do have the opportunity to break through these boundaries! The theme of “Faith and trust” is an important element in regards to your next step. Remember this and observe your own deeds! In a divine SENSE we wish you harmony and understanding for one another and for others also for the future and that you learn to LOVE yourselves.  You can only express your divine LOVE to others if you love yourself. With this in mind, the TEAM bids you goodbye and wishes you a blessed time. GREETINGS IN THE NAME OF GOD AND PEACE ACROSS ALL FRONTIERS! EMANUEL