Spiritualism versus Spiritism - Addenda

61 We talked to professors and student and found out that Spiritualism is depicted as a backward, superstitious to-do in lectures at universities. Students drum with hands and feet the moment this theme is touched upon; they are not interested in this alleged “baloney”. This is how atheistic disbelief managed to all but exclude this important research. Spiritualism largely has to depend on itself. This embargo is not just put in place by the academic side, it is also supported by the Churches; because the Churches see Spiritualism as their greatest enemy. They do not want to see their religious doctrines criticised and they certainly do not want to be criticised themselves. The Bible has fallen prey to false interpretations right from the start and it is still being illogically and falsely interpreted even now. The Church, respectively their religious doctrine, relies on Moses’s words: “You should not consult the dead.” – But there are really no genuine dead, because everybody actually continues to live in the hereafter. The dead could therefore not be consulted anyway. These words however verify that one can talk, respectively converse with otherworldly beings. There are unfortunately esoteric people out there who write and publish books, but fulminate against Spiritism and also Spiritualism by asserting that one is dealing with a sinful blasphemy. Churchgoers easily fall prey to such paroles, particularly when they hear such utterance from their priests. But what is the actual situation with supernatural contacts? Moses did indeed say that one should not consult the dead, but Moses also said a lot of other things that were later corrected by CHRIST, something that triggered animosities from the Jewish priesthood. CHRIST also corresponded with otherworldly beings and he allowed himself to be instructed by them. He was a writing medium and he wrote with his finger in the sand when asking for answers. People did not have notepads in those days and also no pencils or ball-point pens that were suitable for automatic writing. CHRIST said: “I will send GOD’S world of spirits to you so that you can be instructed.” This answers everything!