Spiritualism versus Spiritism - Addenda

60 Questions and answers June 1975 Question : Do you hold the opinion that Spiritualism plays a better role in distributing knowledge than other religious denominations? AREDOS : Spiritualism is always in contact with the WORLD of the SPIRIT and all religious denominations can acquire their truth from the positive WORLD of the SPIRIT. Question : What religious doctrine is found within Spiritualism ? AREDOS : All religious denominations have almost the same aims: They want to guide human beings to the divine SPHERES. The paths they suggest are however as chalk and cheese. • Spiritualism however knows only one single path that actually leads to GOD. It is the service given to other people. Service given to mankind is the only true religion , because it leads to GOD. Only those that carry out a service to mankind have the chance to have chosen the right path. • Providing a service to mankind is a divine law of nature, because people can only live and exist within a community. For human beings to advance without being part of a community is impossible . This is why all Church dogmas are senseless unless they deal with providing a service to mankind. Those that reject or disapprove of this service are turning towards demons, ergo destruction. July 1975 The exploration of the realm of the spirit (By Herbert Viktor Speer) Spiritual research results are far more important than one assumes. There is a huge selection of expert literature that gives account of this. These books are unfortunately only read by relatively few. The majority of the human race is not interested in supernatural things. No surprise than that the public is not correctly informed; because it is mainly informed thought the newspapers whose journalists have no idea what Spiritualism is all about, they see it as a lot of humbug and a deception. I had a conversation with the chief editor of the “Berliner Zeitung” – and I was very surprised to find that he knew virtually nothing about the supernatural and that he was not able to sensibly talk about it. The fact that Spiritualism plays an important role is verified by the international interest shown in it. We exchange information through our contact with a lot of communities abroad. We were able to ascertain that the positive results completely coincided with one another and formed part of a whole. The wholeness of the international research results ought to suffice to furnish materials for academic science.