Spiritualism versus Spiritism - Addenda

4 Question : What specific ENERGIES are released when we form a chain by holding each other’s hands, as is common practise in England? ARGUN : Promoting of the OD-ENERGY. But we do not like it when the hands are sweaty. • Placing a bowl of water is even better. Question : Some believe that Spiritualism is only possible via experimental Spiritism ? ARGUN : No, that would not be real Spiritualism , but Spiritism . There is a large difference between the two. (Comment: During the time of the holy Pentecost, Spiritualism’s feats of remembrance , we impart to all our friends at home and abroad the heartiest of LIGHT and PEACE salutations. Let us revel in the fact that GOD’S WORDS still come to us as we speak.) * * * * * * * Occultism on a large scale Occultism’s difficult to understand miracles usually stand in contrast to terrestrial laws to some degree. Gravity is for instance abrogated or objects penetrate one another. The sciences have defined laws that are seemingly unalterable, for instance that a body occupies a certain space that cannot be occupied by another body at the same time. It has however been proven beyond doubt that all of these laws are only correct to a limited degree and that they allow certain exceptions. To try to talk scientists out of believing in the law of gravity has always raised their ire in the past. Things look completely different these days. The appearance of Flying Saucers verifies that the laws of scientific insights are flawed . Things that do not fit in with our scientific thought processes are called “phenomena” . But when it comes to GOD, nothing is impossible! • Flying saucers have verified that the law of gravity is incorrect. For this very reason, namely due to the fact that flying saucers exit, scientists have finally decided to look into the abrogation of gravity. One therefore looks into something that had been consequently rejected before. – Occultists and spiritists have been aware of the abrogation of gravity for a long time; but occultists were derided and attacked because of this assertion. How is it possible for the sciences and technology to look at this differently now? – Flying saucers were the reason why they were forced to think about it differently. Such miracles happened only on a small scale up to now the way contact with the hereafter also only happen on a small scale. The situation has however fundamentally changed now, because occult phenomena now happen on a grand scale. What we experience in regards to “Flying Saucers” is occultism in its highest form. Beginning with the abrogation of gravity to dematerialisation – from the sending out of the ASTRAL BODY to telepathy . We now find all the required evidence in its highest form right across the spectrum of occultism. No longer are only small objects like combs, rings or pearls dematerialised , we now see with the eyes of science how spaceships of enormous proportions suddenly disappear. The occupants of these spaceships walk amongst us in the street or their spaceships make themselves visible for seconds or minutes at a time. One would have said in the past that one was dealing with pathological hallucinations . One is no longer game to make such assertions these days, because the evidence is too incontrovertible.