Spiritualism versus Spiritism - Addenda

39 Circle leader : The realm of the spirit is dualistic and consists of heaven and hell. It is therefore important to establish contact with the HIGHER SPHERES. This however doesn’t happen without making the acquaintance of hell. One has to do so with courage. Those that remain stuck at his stage or become ill can only blame themselves , because their character isn’t up to scratch. They are egotistical, materialistic or perfidious in one way or another. One must assiduously work on oneself if one wants to raise one’s spiritual level. Question : Are you convinced that spiritualists fare better than other believers? Circle leader : Spiritualism is not a faith, but knowledge based experience . Nothing is assumed and nothing believed without evidence. This is the reason why the knowledge about the human condition is better grounded . The spiritualist gains a better oversight over the things that take place on Earth and also gets along better. The spiritualist develops occult forces within himself that he utilises well and thereby overcomes disharmonies and certain diseases. Question : There must surely be a great disunity amongst spiritualists for it to be so publicly discriminated against? Circle leader : What the real spiritualists accomplish is virtually unknown to the public. But when a misfortune occurs whereby an occultist or spiritist becomes insane, the world’s press immediately picks it up and runs with it . The spiritual movement does not receive a church tax and this is the reason why it lags behind. It is better served abroad, because there are more donors there to keep this movement going. Questions and answers June 1967 Question : (Guest) Is Spiritism suitable in regards to hearing from one’s deceased relatives? ELIAS : Spiritism , in its STANDARD of VIBRATIONS, is a lower form Spiritualism . It is however the easiest way to make contact with the departed. The communication is however primitive most of the time. Whether one is always dealing with the same relatives or acquaintances is a different matter, even though I can understand that the movement of a table as a visible manifestation has a fascinating aspect. The difference is that most souls find it easier to be perceived via Spiritism . • What sphere the soul belongs to is not a decisive factor in Spiritism. But base souls have no opportunity to enter the SPHERE of MESSENGERS of LIGHT to make themselves known. Question : Spiritualism therefore only serves its purpose if it has contact with the SPHERE of MESSENGERS of LIGHT? ELIAS : This is a self-evident prerequisite in regards to communicating, respectively indoctrination. We on the other hand endeavour to keep the SPHERE of MESSENGERS of LIGHT as pure as possible. The danger with moving tables , respectively with