Spiritualism versus Spiritism - Addenda

38 Questions and answers April 1967 Question : Are a lot of people only interested in Spiritualism because they believe that you can give us a look into the future? ELIAS : This has nothing to do with indoctrination or refinement. If we happen to lift the veil that cloaks your future, it will have been a spontaneous coincidence. It would be a sign that it is important that you are informed. Question : What else can we do to satisfy the need of those that are interested in what we do? ELIAS : CHRIST said that one should “not cast pearls before swine”. This says everything. • People must recognise the value of the “pearls” themselves. Trying to talk them into accepting this is senseless. Those that do not want to believe will not believe. June 1967 The exploration of the realm of the spirit (By Herbert Viktor Speer) Question : What differentiates Spiritualism from the other Christian religions? Circle leader: Spiritualism is not content with theories and dogmas. Spiritualism entertains contact with the positive realm of the spirit in order to discuss the problems of human beings and their existence. Objection : But the Churches hold the opinion that one should leave the dead in peace. Circle leader : The Churches interpret something wrong here: It is not our intention to disturb the peace of the dead, because the kind of peace the Churches imagine does not exist . On the contrary – the realm of the spirit is indeed very interested in our problems. It is a vital EXISTENCE with enhanced consciousness and enhanced perceptions. We also do not deal with deceased relatives or other prominent people who once lived on Earth. • At the fore of our contacts stand the indoctrination by highly qualified TEACHERS from the realm of the spirit. Question : The Churches also have this opportunity. Why don’t they do their own research? Circle leader : The Churches believe that we are dealing with demons or the devil. This is the reason why they urgently warn their followers about Spiritualism . Even though our messages are religious and ethically highly interesting and instructive, they still say: ”The devil always works like this, he comes with the Bible under his arm in order to capture his victims.” Question : There are cases where people have actually become insane because they engaged in occult activities. What do you say to these cases?