Spiritualism versus Spiritism - Addenda

20 the trouble of disseminating this truth and are annoyed that they meet with disapproval. They can however basically not ascertain whether this rejection is genuine or just faked. • The imparted information sometimes takes years to sink in or only after a severe calamity. Therefore do not allow yourselves to be misled. But you may not make the mistake of fanatically forcing the truth on others. You should only sow the seed of the truth, whether the seed germinates should be of little concern to you. Question : Can you tell us something about the late spirit researcher ABD-RU-SHIN? ARGUN : He offered his service to the circle of otherworldly SPIRIT TEACHERS and MESSENGERS of LIGHT. He will never abandon his mission and he will always employ his spirit on behalf of the truth. December 1963 Pictures without words Because otherworldly souls can only write or draw according to talent (in as far as they are able to find a suitable medium for it), we received a number of symbolic drawings from them. These drawings are very informative and often say more than a whole treatise. Such drawings happen within seconds . They are easily interpreted and their serious messages are extraordinarily impressive. The drawing reproduced here replaces one of CHRIST’S parables through its simplicity and fateful admonition. Its interpretation is also simple: The soul, having arrived in the hereafter, may look into its own BOOK of LIFE. But this soul is nearly crushed by the burden of the sins recorded therein. Such psychic drawings, they happen very fast and completely spontaneously , even surprise the medium. But even larger drawings are executed and their statements are even more diverse and forceful. A landscape was once drawn that depicted a boundary in its middle. Footprints were depicted in the foreground and they stopped at the boundary. Discarded clothes and other utensils that someone had left behind were drawn directly in front of the boundary. This impressive drawing graphically insinuated that the people on Earth have to leave everything physical behind and that only the soul may cross this boundary. All of this is a part of the myriad pieces of evidence that we received from our otherworldly FRIENDS. They made every possible effort to eliminate even the slightest doubt from our minds. After the last doubts had been removed from our research circle they could proceed to furnish the bodacious indoctrinations we can offer our readers these days. • We no longer require to be encouraged through evidence. During every séance we immediately know which otherworldly INTELLIGENCE we are dealing with.