Spiritualism versus Spiritism - Addenda

21 When we were still starting out, unclean spirits interfered and their symbolic drawings were even more convincing us in regards to elucidating the dark SPHERES people call “hell”. These drawings eventuated against our moral and ethical feelings. A very indecent drawing was once drawn. It was however energetically crossed out by another spirit before its completion. The GUIDING SPIRIT wrote underneath: “I forbid you to deal with this pack!” – These words were naturally directed at the medium, because it didn’t put the pencil down in time. But everything requires experience and we also had to experience things right from the start. In order to verify that an otherworldly message or drawing was a genuine communication, the otherworldly changed the perspective quite often, that is to say, they drew or wrote askew or upside down , sometimes even in mirror writing . They utilised all of their mental opportunities. The famous Leonardo da Vinci also wrote mirror writing with astonishing speed . This fact alone should really constitute positive proof that the famous painter was a medium . Questions and answers September 1964 Question : Can you give us the primary cause that specifically hinders the spread of Spiritualism ? AREDOS : Every terrestrial religion has a doctrine that is set in writing. The Christian religion for instance has the Bible that consists of two Testaments. Spiritualism does indeed have a lot of doctrines and interesting and informative books, but there is no standard doctrine that could be called a spiritualistic Bible”. Spiritualism as a religion does not have a fixed guide. It is a religion without a Bible. Question : Pastor Johannes Greber also wrote a spiritualistic Bible next to his standard work called “Der Verkehr mit der Geisterwelt Gottes” and its whole presentation is akin to the Bible. Is this Bible an applicable source? AREDOS : Johannes Greber’s Bible is only a spinoff , respectively a variation of the Holy Scriptures. It contains mistakes into the bargain that were partially caused by uninformed otherworldly entities or through Greber’s false assessments. • A spiritualistic Bible may under no circumstance comply with an existing Holy Scripture. Such a Bible must be written completely independent from anything. This is the only way Spiritualism will arrive at its own precepts. It must become a global, authoritative work of orientation. This scripture will then allow the formation of an international religious community that will attract the interests of the whole world. Question : Why are so many people actually afraid of Spiritualism ? AREDOS : A lot of them are falsely orientated and have completely false notions about it. A lot of them however know themselves pretty well, they are aware that they commit lots of injustices in thoughts and in deeds. Spiritualism however inevitably demands self- knowledge and accountability they cannot escape from either sooner or later. This is why they repress all thoughts that have anything to do with having to give account of