Spiritualism versus Spiritism - Addenda

17 Criminologist Dr. Jurist Schäfer , Andernach, who wrote the book “The Occult Perpetrator” to challenge occultism and its related disciplines, also includes Spiritualism in his book. He thereby verifies his ignorance in this field of knowledge, he would otherwise not have committed this cardinal sin. It has once again been verified that an assessment of the psycho-scientific field cannot be made without accurately studying the subject matter because it will otherwise always drift towards the negative. This also applies to Ufology, because it is also not occult even if it has to do with life on other planets. Spiritualism is indeed a religion – and not a small one at that! * * * * * * * Questions and answers December 1962 Question : One tries over again to brand everything supernatural and all extraterrestrial life as superstition. What do you say to that? ARGUN : Even though this attitude is often enough justified , one cannot add Spiritualism to that list. Old rules and outdated examples are used that have nothing to do with Spiritualism . Superstition is namely directed again the willing masses. We should not show any interest in this, because we can convincingly confront this with tangible explanations, the truth and comprehensive evidence. The prerequisite for this is purely a healthy dose of logic to comprehend what’s on offer. If this logic is present, everything is easy to comprehend. Question : The moment one talks about Spiritualism one usually receives the answer: “One is all too aware in this enlightened age that something like this doesn’t exists.” – What should one answer to that? ARGUN : Something these people do unfortunately not possess is logic and this excludes them from making any further assessments. You should not select examples to teach others, but freely adapt to any given situation. Do not impose yourselves on others if they are not interested, you only achieve the opposite. January 1963 Question : From which group or source will the renewal of faith come from? ARGUN : Naturally only from the community that avows to the TRUTH. Once Spiritualism has untied the first knot, it will be easier to untie the other knots until the thread is finally straight again. Question : Has Spiritualism , in the fertile ground of the TRUTH, progressed better in any other country? ARGUN : The path for Spiritualism has been better prepared in Brazil . It really has undergone a spiritual development there. Its goals and its development must undoubtedly be accepted.