Spiritualism versus Spiritism - Addenda

16 July 1962 Question : We pondered the question of whether it wouldn’t be better to omit the denotation of “Spiritualism” , because this denotation is often confused and gained a bad reputation due to crass conscious or unconscious nonsense. What do you suggest? ARGUN : We support the idea that this denotation is only used with great consideration. We have left these stages behind us a long time ago. We are a free research community, because we search for the divine truth together . The connotation “psychic” conjures up images of levitated tables to most people, we are however only interested in the objective truth . This is why I can assure you that no other entity from the realm of spirit, who is not authorised by us, will get near the pencil (pencil of the medium). • These transmissions from our WORLD are secured in a way that is very rare in your world. August 1962 Question : Can positive séances also be conducted in rooms that are used on a daily basis? ARGUN : Positive séances can only be conducted in suitable chambers . Kitchens and cellars are not rooms for séances. The air must be fresh and clean. The scent of flowers supports the contact, discreet frankincense is also positive. Polluted rooms can of course be cleansed. A prayer to release evil spirit from their bondage sometimes also does the trick. • It is however a blasphemy to conduct spiritual meetings in rooms that are used to eat, drink and sleep. Particularly negative are hotel rooms and it matters not where they are located. What is occult? (August 1962) We pointed out before that Spiritualism may not be confused with Spiritism . Spiritualism can also not assert a claim on being part of occultism . • Occultism (lat. occultus, meaning hidden) deals with not yet explained natural processes, processes that cannot be explained with the help of our scientific insights. Spiritism that mainly deals with occult experiments is also a part of this. Spiritualism is far removed from it, because it knows the causes of its actions very well, that is to say, it does not experiment with what is hidden. The processes involved are very evident to spiritualists . They no longer experiment, but harmonise, without magic exercises, without incantations or obscure experiments with the spiritual SPHERES of the HIGHER DIMENSIONS. Who would entertain the thought of calling a religion or one of the natural sciences “occult”? • Spiritualism is also an eminent religion that does indeed utilise the SOURCE of REVELATION that served as the origin of all other religions and persuasions.