Test the spirits!

2 ARON :GREETINGS IN THE NAME OF GOD and PEACE ACROSS ALL FRONTIERS! This is ARON speaking. After a long interval (summer holidays) please have patience with yourself and also with us so that you and we can align our VIBRATIONS with one another. This will be successful if you emanate GOD’S LIGHT from your hearts and if you are ready to welcome us in your midst. We begin this evening’s proceedings with writing. I will report back to you later on. LUKAS :GREETINGS IN THE NAME OF GOD and PEACE ACROSS ALL FRONTIERS! This is LUKAS writing. This writing is somewhat strange today, because the ASSIMILATION has not quite come about yet. But with a bit of assiduous practice, we will be able to compensate for this in no time. Continue to align yourselves as before. Now please ask your questions. Question :According to a statement made by the MESSENGER of LIGHT EUPHENIUS, our circle can only advance when we are able to apply the divine LAWS. What else can you tell in regards to this? LUKAS :This is the most important thing! You should always try to remind yourselves of these LAWS, that is to say, read and envision them frequently . It might help if one of you selects these LAWS from within the protocols and writes them down. It would suffice and you would not have to go looking for them every time. You can think about it. For us, respectively from our point of view, constant repetition is important , because you live in a world of distractions your thoughts tend to be distracted or your mind wanders. Continuous repetition would benefit all of you. Try to put this into practice. Question :Do we bear a higher responsibility in regards to ourselves and others because we have acknowledged the divine LAWS? LUKAS :That is a problem. If you had never dealt with us and with our DOCTRINE, you would not be measured by it.  Yes, it is true: The more you know about these LAWS, the more your responsibilities amplify. This means that you will be asked one day what you have done with this KNOWLEDGE, respectively, how you have applied it on behalf of others and yourselves. You will be asked these questions some day in the future in the spiritual realm, every single one of you. Question :Does one’s own development always take priority? LUKAS :Yes, naturally. It could not be any other way. An uneducated person is no teacher. Only when he has been educated, when he has started to do so with himself, can and may he teach others . - If you, as human beings, could allow the LIGHT to flow as you are actually destined to do, this world would be a better place. We said it before and we repeat it again: