Test the spirits!

8  Your assignment is to inspire people, so that they show an interest, so that they want to find the real reasons for their existence and so that they receive from you the divine LAWS we imparted on you, thus giving them the opportunity to work on further developing their soul. Participant: We thank you for answering our questions. ARON :Today’s questions compliment everything you, the questioners, have received from us so far. Take from these protocols, here on a divine MISSION, the things that will form you as human beings, the things that will bring your INNER SPARK to shine and the things that will make you realise that you are divine BEINGS. We thank you for these questions. - The information we have given you gives you the opportunity to deal with yourselves, as GOD’S children, in a more aware way.  Take notice of your thoughts.  Take notice of your INSPIRATIONS.  Take notice of your HEART.  Take notice of your INNER VOICE. All of these are perceptions you receive from your GOD, your FATHER. You represent an OSCILLATION that would like to raise its RATE of OSCILLATION. Take a look inside to find out whether the things these protocols tell you have found a permanent home within you. Nobody on our side expects that you will be able to apply everything here and now. But by making yourselves aware of this divine QUALITY, you receive the chance of heightening your inner values in a divine SENSE. There are further assignments waiting to be dealt with and they are worth the effort of improving yourselves. We would like to bring this to a close, we wish you an educational, pleasant and harmonious week and we look forward to our next meeting. GREETINGS IN THE NAME OF GOD! ARON