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Psycho-Scientific Frontiers

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Much of what you read and learn from these pages has roots reaching far back to ancient cultures and religions. Thousand years old practices and current research results show that man continues to exist totally conscious in an ethereal but physical form, disengaged from matter and independent from space and time, after physical death. This is unfortunately virtually unknown to the rest of the world. What is however known is that man only perceived the things he was taught to think about. Whatever lies beyond this horizon escapes him.

These pages will introduce amongst other things the research done by the Medialen Friedenskreises, Berlin (Psychic Peace Circle, Berlin) and this will shed some light on the prevailing spiritual darkness. We are dealing here with a Christian/spiritual community that did some major research in the field of metaphysics from 1950 to 1975, pursuing questions of a possible life after death, which might provide answers for the reasons of our terrestrial existence. The psychic work performed by both automatic writing mediums, namely Monika-Manuela Speer and Uwe Speer, began when they were 15, respectively 17 years old. The complete works, the so-called "Mene-Tekel" comprises many thousands of A4 pages. All existing protocols were arranged according to their themes and they may be copied without restrictions. He, who is prepared to deal with these unjustly tabooed questions, will find that magnificent, lost knowledge will be revealed. The question about the meaning of life will no longer have to be asked, because this question will have ceased to exist.

A well-known journalist made the following comments about the psychic messages received by the Medialen Friedenskreises, Berlin:

"These texts are an example of mental brilliance. The ability to change the 26 letters of the alphabet into such words is something of unique beauty. My profession dictates that I spend most of my time writing. This makes me appreciate that to spontaneously express words of such great wisdom and at the same time of such august simplicity is something supernatural."

(Extract from a psychically transmitted answer from the SPHERES of LIGHT to the question: What is truth?)

... There exists an objective truth that is capable of enlightening all of terrestrial mankind. The reasons why questions about the truth can apparently not be answered lies mainly in the fact that the truth has to fight a battle against errors and mistakes. Your average human being is absolutely incapable of grasping the fight that is taking place. It is incredible in all its details. All the many dogmas that have existed for thousands of years have placed mankind in iron fetters. The truth challenges the fanaticism smouldering under the ashes.

The truth however finds it much more difficult than a politically, scientifically or theologically protected aberration, because it cannot fight errors and mistakes with raw means. Errors and mistakes have physical force at their side, because they base themselves on the many erroneous passages of the bible, like for instance, "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth". When confronted by vices, the truth receives no support. One withdraws any financial support in the hope that it will simply fade away. You should therefore no be surprised that terrible wars still reign here on Earth; they are the immediate results of false dogmas and nonsensical, false insights ..."

The fear of death represents a problem within our culture. The reason for this is the secularising of consciousness, namely the assumption that only one's physical existence provides assurance of life and of existing. The fear of death furnishes the evidence of a rootless spirit who has distanced itself far from the SOURCE of its origin. People are no longer centred. This results in psychosomatic illnesses and they unnecessarily burden a nation's economics.

The basis for our mentality is mainly based on our materialistic / scientific view of the world that would like to see everything reduced to an empirically defined plane of existence. Man alienates himself and defines his identity according to the deceptions of fashion and commercial advertising. An exclusive orientation along such "values" brings about a mental, an interpersonal and the creative impoverishment of the individual. But where does one find values that account for a meaningful life in the true sense of the word? In political parties? In Church?

Very early in life man begins to build a wall around the heart and soul, to create an illusionary cage that he maintains with all sorts of trickery. His complete scientific, materialistic view of the world is a generally accepted world of illusion, built from emotional crutches and egotistical arrogance, something one can study in great detail with the powerful within politics, the economy and other public personalities. All so-called "esoteric" people are also not devoid of these machinations, even if they behave as if they were.

The psycho-science are trying to create order here and to produce tips and warnings, because the spiritual path is at its most dangerous where it seems easiest! Not everything sold on the esoteric supermarket is genuine or authentic:

Channelling mediums sell "guidance" and "analyses of body and soul" or they talk about "royal incarnations on Atlantis". Self-proclaimed "gurus" and "masters" collect "sheep" in order to feather their own nest. There is also something to learn from this, firstly because ever bad experience is also a good one if one learns something from it and secondly, because the diversity of offers sharpens and strengthens one's capacity of discernment, one's knowledge of human nature and one's INNER VOICE!

It is therefore logical that one can receive the TRUTH only and exclusively from authorised spirit TEACHERS from the spheres of the divine LIGHT. Who else would know the TRUTH? If one trusts the SPIRIT of TRUTH CHRIST announced to the world 2,000 years ago, the biblical proverb: "Knock on any door and it will open" or "seek and you shall find" certainly makes sense. We must learn to listen to our INNER VOICE, because in this chaotic world, one can only trust this INNER VOICE, also called INTUITION, SPIRIT GUIDE, GUARDIAN ANGEL or HIGHER SELF.

More than 3 million patients in Germany have had near-death experiences. Sociologists at the University of Koblenz found that out in 1999. Psycho-scientific research is still rashly condemned through theological and academic prejudice. Just why incorrigible wiseacres, rationalists and sceptics find it so difficult to accept a SUPERIOR WORLD is apparent: Mankind's history is threatened by a forth great indignity. The first was the Copernican: The Earth is not the centre of the universe. The second was the Darwinian: Man is the direct descendant of apes. The third was the Freudian: Man is not in charge of his sexual urges. The forth scandal to threaten mankind is the esoteric: There is a HIGHER INTELLIGENCE within the universe.

Superior LAWS naturally also affect those that do not want anything to do with them. The LAW of cause and effect is right at the top: "What you sow, you shall reap". If one would grasp this LAW in all its complexity it would be hardly possible to still steal, to deceive or to murder, not even to think evil thoughts, because whatever I do is "registered" and will come back to haunt me - even if it takes a number of lifetimes to do so. The process of reincarnation can lead through numerous civilisations and it links one life with another. Only reincarnation makes absolute justice possible! The acceptance of the UNIVERSAL LAWS of cause and effect leads you along a straight path and it teaches you to take responsibility for all your actions. If these coherences were taught in families, kindergartens, schools and universities, there would indeed be a chance to gain control over problems like drug addictions, hostile attitudes towards foreigners, loneliness etc.

The divine LAWS are the key to solving all the world's problems - if there was no resistance from an inner source (ego) and from certain external global groups and establishes churches, whose existence is endangered by this KNOWLEDGE and its application and this is why they show absolutely no interest in the dissemination of it. But the seemingly irrational fullness of one's existence should never entice us to reject anything even if it goes against all our ever so short lived theories or if it proves to be inexplicable to begin with. The so-called "realist" is in fact just an illiterate in regards to life, only half a man in the true sense of the word.

Christian / spiritual thought questions the validity of many things and it demands change, right up to the conquest of self. If we ask why spiritualism (even though it is older than any other knowledge mankind possesses) finds it more difficult to enter the generally accepted current view of the world than other disciplines of human research, we will find two obstacles (If one disregards the third: The usurpation of these areas by charlatans - which does not represent an all too great a problem, because there are also terrible pseudo-therapeutists amongst doctors and there are also more cold blooded run-of-the-mill artists than masters): One obstacle is the lack of discernment in many circles and the other obstacle consists of an exaggerated reverence in regards to academic research. Even though there is nothing in this world that has been wrong more often than the sciences, incorrigible sceptics are obviously driven at the outset by a desire to not allow anything spiritualism has to offer to be valid. But one is well adviced to test first and then to draw one's conclusions! The superficial judgment by falsely informed circles is not authoritative, only personal experience and praxis is. Apart from one's consciousness, one cannot take anything into the hereafter. It is important not to lose sight of this fact!

It really represents a scientific scandal that man, at the apex of terrestrial creation, is not even clear about his own existence. It is high time that we become aware of our assignation and of the meaning of our existence. Good intensions will not see us through a third millennia. The technological explosion is unfortunately also the nail in the coffins of a global mass grave, because we utilise technology without wisdom, without brotherly love and without common sense, but mainly with egotistical motivations. The bill of fare presented to us by our planet lies on the table and it is our last warning. The catastrophes happening around us are the result of the catastrophic conditions within us. One cannot deal with "hi-tech" when "high-spirit" is missing! The more questionable civilised and military superpowers become, the greater the chances of rediscovering the ancient secrets of the soul, because the greatest of crisis also offers the greatest chances.

To question the "there is nothing after one is dead" attitude and all principle questions in regards the meaning of life here on Earth and within the universe are crucial questions! No other field of research is more important than the one that can give us information about our wherefrom and whereto. Psycho-science bases itself on verifiable facts. Once it has established itself, it will reveal its great importance in that it will represent the synthesis between religion and science, respectively metaphysics and the study of nature. The world is, next to an aesthetical, ethical and metaphysical problem, indisputably also a natural-science problem. All of those that have looked beyond the surface of things have come to the same conclusions.

The publisher


The former "Medial Peace Circle Berlin" (MFK) was a psychoscientic research group of a high class. The members are assembled of scientists and teachers of different faculties. The two medias began their work in the age of 15 and 17 years. The working circle published his work in the years 1955 until 1975, parts of this have been translated into six world languages.

In more than 20 years the proof has been made that it is with good medias possible to connect a contact to the WORLD PLACED ABOVE and to correspond with high TEACHERS. On these contacts it depends on to connect a constant friendship to these CHARACTERS. This succeeded especially well to that time in the MFK-Berlin. The SPIRIT-LEADERS (LIGHT MESSENGERS) have prooved their reliability and TRUTH-LOVE in many years of tight Co-operation with the life plateau on earth.

The MFK-Berlin turned against every superstition and against every abnormal cult as well as against every overacting and fanaticism on all areas. Hereby the superstition has been investigated exactly from the existent TRUTH and differentiated. The working circle did not swarmed in religiousness but worked on a solid basis of science, the TRUTH and the mutual trust. The content of the medial transmitted texts and messages are speaking for itself. Limit Sciences is not a religion but an objective TEACHINGS which is based on proved facts.


(Aramaic, “meneh tekel u pharsin”), “Menetekel” is the denotation of a warning signal, respectively a warning sign. This denotation goes back to an eerie sign that appeared on the wall during a banquet given by the Babylonian King Belshazzar. Daniel was the only prophet who could interpret this sign. “>Number, weight, division<, This is what it means: Number, God has numbered the days of your kingdom and brought it to an end; weight, you have been weighted on the scales and found to be too light; division, your kingdom is divided up and given to the Medes and the Persians.” The same night Belshazzar, the king of Babylon, was killed and his kingdom given to the Medes and the Persians. If someone “displays a Menetekel” he gives a warning sign, respectively he points to a looming disaster.

  Psychic Peace Circle (MFK) - Ufology - Santiner

There is a strange change taking place in regards to UFO research. Studying reports of contacts of 20 years ago and more, the external countenance of the extraterrestrial visitors captured the attention of the contactees to such a degree that they intuitively recognised that these beings could not be from Earth. The visitors called themselves "SANTINER" and they have rendered their services to a misguided terrestrial humanity in the name of the CREATOR for thousands of years. Their messages contained hints in regards to future social upheavals, something that can be verified these days! These visitors directed words of warning, but also of understanding at the inhabitants of planet Earth. Eminent WISDOM and unconditional LOVE towards all of CREATION were always apparent. Their most important message is: Do not be afraid!


In the 90th a group of interested people which wanted to proof the disputed connected contacts to spirit empire clearly and objectively have found together. The working circle, whose reports were published sporadically, developed original from a meditation group which began its medial activity first in October 1995. All ahead went the faith (as also on every other scientic research) that something could be made. The destination was to connect contacts to authorized TEACHERS OF THE LIGHT. Later the unchanged announcements should be passed to other interested people to form their own opinion.

First, they began to test in what way it is in general possible to separate announcements from the Dark Side (which the churches are warning of with right!) of announcements of the LIGHTFUL SIDE. With help of several independent medias and also technical utensil (Transcendental voices) they could reach their destination after several years.

The motive is the key!

The most difficult duty is it now to let influx the "new" KNOWLEDGE into the daily life. Only on this way the aspired individual DESTINATION OF LIFE can be reached.

All members of the working circle are working without exception in their professions and are performing their medial work with the investment of private methods. Public commotion is avoided consciously for not to be turned away from the internal target. Religion and fanaticism are lying - as is well known - close together; to this danger the group is especially looking after!

As editor of "Psychoscientic Limit Areas" I have also the opinion that the "stages" of the mass medias like press, radio and TV are not suitable for a serious spiritual research. But the results of the work of this group until now are of a great common interest after the opinion of many readers so that this work will also be put at the Internet for discussion in the framework of "Psychoscientic Limit Areas". Even the reader should descide.

After 10 years of psychic working the Psychic Working Circle stopped working in October 2005.

Spiritual Kingdom / World of the Light   Ufology / Earth

Hermann Ilg

The Badische Zeitung (A German Newspaper) called certified engineer and senior building expert Hermann Ilg from Reutlingen, "The most important UFO researcher of Southern Germany" in its edition number 155/8 from July 20th 1996. The article, taking up half a page of this newspaper, states amongst other things that: "He had the greatest aversion to unreliability". Hermann Ilg had both of his feet firmly planted in factual realism. He had studied civil engineering and was involved in the planning of roads, bridges and intersections. I have become accustomed to logical thinking trough this, said Ilg, who only believed what was absolutely provable. The backdrop of his UFO career was Ravensburg in Upper Swabia, where a close friend of his, a priest, observed six rapidly flying disks racing in the direction of Lake Constance from a window of his chapel. The clergyman ran against a wall of ignorance with his inquiries in those days. "An observatory told him that he was the victim of an optical illusion". This amateurism annoyed Ilg. He was also fortunate to have observed a UFO. He compared NASA, who searches space for extra-terrestrial life, listening for radio waves, to a "tribal chief" sitting in the jungle searching for other tribes with drum signals. When no reply is forthcoming, he assumes: We are alone in this world. This simplicity horrified the civil engineer. The conference rooms were alway packed when a lecture by Ilg was announced. He had detailed knowledge about the art of space travel and the way of life of the SANTINER. Their UFO’S had to bridge a distance of 40 billion kilometres, more than 4.3 light-years. Thanks to their space technology, the flight is of short duration. It only takes a "thought impulse" to manoeuvre their huge cigar-shaped mother ships close to Earth. Ilg called this type of locomotion: "psycho-dynamics". The reception they received from our world was something that annoyed Ilg utterly. "They send interceptors to meet them and call them invaders!" Astronauts have known about the flying visits of the SANTINER for some time but NASA put a muzzle on them. (See "Zukunftsszenarien" by Karl Schnelting) The threat of withholding retirement benefits stopped many an insider from making the facts public. Making the true events known wouldn’t just upset one book, but whole bookshelves. The theological and political view of the world would collapse. Ilg chose his words carefully, as he knew too well that society isn’t mature enough for his message. "But once the geo-central view has been conquered" he said; "only infinity remains". But one doesn’t feel lost at all within this infinity, one feels uplifted by a "wonderful" FORCE: The universal VIBRATIONS of LOVE, which unite the cosmos.

Hermann Ilg


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