At 37 years old, I, Rolf Linnemann, stood before one of the most important decisions of my life: Continue to live as before, predominantly for my career and for money or to sacrifice leisure time and money for psycho-scientific research. Because I pursue a technical career in the field of electro and computer technology, it was initially the experiences and questions of other people that gave me the impetus to do this. A university professor who had investigated these questions in private for over 20 years helped me take the final step. I received the explanations of the spiritual “rules of the game” from him, namely how one can succeed in this tabooed field without ending up at the psychiatrist. I found out that the VOICE PHENOMENON was for instance discovered in 1958/59 by a Swedish archaeologist and painter and that a number of reference books about this existed. I felt an inner annoyance and I wanted to prove to my colleague that he was wrong. This is how I came across research into tape-recorded voices, it first and foremost consisted of controllable technology, something that was very much according to what I had in mind. Filled with expectations, but also with a healthy portion of scepticism, I began to test the known recording methods.

What was important to me at my first attempts was to objectively establish the VOICE PHENOMENON as such, because the conclusive evidence for the existence of the WORLD of VOICES were the VOICES themselves. This required to take possible deceptions into consideration and to test all known schools of thought. There were the views of animists who saw the voice phenomenon as a “projection of one’s own thoughts from the subconscious”. On the other side were Spiritualists, mostly private researchers, who based their thoughts on the “development of an outside the body INTELLIGENCE”.

My first experience was that I always ended up with an uneasy feeling when I approached this theme with a too technical attitude and when I regarded the plea for divine PROTECTION, as part of the rules of play, as not that important. I soon learned to my detriment that religious questions could not be left out of the equation, that they actually became the central focus of my research. Everything to do with ecclesiastical rites were extremely disagreeable to me. I didn’t believe in the God promoted by the Church – but creation by chance could also not be supported, because if one took all the known logical facts into consideration one finds the likelihood of a spontaneous development of life from matter, akin to the spontaneous development of a Boeing 747 through a typhoon racing through a pile of junk, highly unlikely.

I received during my initial attempts, to my astonishment, answers over again that had an unambiguous reference to my questions so that the objections presented by outsiders, namely that I was dealing with amateur radio or fragments of radio broadcasts, could definitely be excluded. Besides, I am an active, licensed radio amateur myself. – It became clear to me after one year of research that it was far more sensible to accept the existence of a superior WORLD of SPIRIT than to reject it.

I also got to know other psycho-scientific phenomena as aspects of the soul. However, the VOICE PHENOMENON confronted my very soul. I was able to gain a concept of the psyche as an objective reality from the content of the VOICE TEXTS. It had therefore become possible for me to imagine the soul as an indestructible spiritual UNIT. How can the subconscious answer questions put to it? – I left the house, took the car and went shopping and dealt with completely different things than the recording of VOICES. The Revox tape recorder, set up in an almost soundproof room, continued to record in the meantime. After my return I could distinguish between strange male and female VOICES on the rewound tape that were conversing with one another, they even greeted me when I entered my recording studio. – The subconscious?

By recording in stereo (dummy head) I was able to establish the locations of the VOICES. They came from different angles within the room and they even changed location. I often felt an inexplicable cool draught, even though all doors and windows were closed in order to mute outside noises. – The communicating VOICES always used their own, idiosyncratic language with consequent, grammatical rules and they referred to the questions I had asked. The form of expression was shortened, akin to a telegram. The sentences were often pushed together and the words changed in order to fit within a certain rhythm. A helpful measure, because by utilising the “radio method” for instance, the useful signals could be easily distinguished from interfering transmitters.

I consulted representatives from the Church I had known in the past. Some of them called my research the “devil’s work” or an “abomination in the Lord’s eyes”. It was obvious that the Church had nothing to offer. I did not allow such statements to mislead me, because if CHRIST spoke the words “seek and you shall find” 2,000 years ago, research into the hereafter must be according to the CREATOR will, HE would otherwise not have created the required laws of nature. – The scientists I discussed my research with could indeed not discuss the voice phenomenon out of existence, but they regarded the results as pure speculation. When I tried to get to the bottom of this I discovered that they did not want to seriously deal with psycho-scientific themes. But one should always test first and judge after! One of these gentlemen appropriately formulated: “The verification of a superior WORLD of the SPIRIT will not just push over one single book, it will push over whole bookshelves. Nobody would take responsibility for this and nobody would want to be associated with this.” – What remains is private research.

The transcendental VOICES turned out to be highly intelligent and they sometimes even showed a sense of humour – experiences that made the animistic hypothesis crumble more and more. I asked question of whether and how life continued after death, of whether the things that I have learned will be lost and whether consciousness, with all its feelings and thoughts, will continue to exist? And if this was the case, whether it was possible to make contact with known, deceased people? But these types of CONTACTS were of completely secondary importance to me, because deceased relatives and friends announced themselves without encouragement when they can and when they are allowed. What was important to me was to establish CONTACT with authorised spirit TEACHERS.

Dr. Dieter Kaempgen writes in «Paranormale Informationen aus Tonbandstimmen und ihre Nutzung in der Medizin»: I received a message from a research group in Switzerland in 1977, they deal with the development of electronic apparatuses for trans-communication and they asserted that they had succeeded in receiving pertinent tips for effective remedies. 50% of the treated patients had recovered right away. I had initially thought that this was an advertising stunt, but I certainly had to revise my judgment later. Ever since 1982, I have been able improve or heal numerous patients with the help of the transmissions of recorded voices, patients whose conditions were beyond my expertise.” – The subconscious?

Dr. Walter von Lucadou, a parapsychologist at the Institute in Freiburg, writes in the journal “Der Skeptiker”, booklet 2/98: “The worst scenario is when people try to make contact with recently deceased from the hereafter via alleged taped voices. This actually animates the independence of certain highly problematic psychic processes. People gain a dependence to this, meaning that they can no longer stop doing this. One day they begin to hear these voices directly. These voices then tell them what they should do and the situation gets worse. These people are not helped at all by assuring them that they are not dealing with a spirit, but with a part of their subconscious etc. All of this is extremely pathological, a great misfortune, and I deal with such people on an almost daily basis.” – A wise saying goes: “Not only fresh air flows in through an open window.” In all of the cases that I am familiar with that produced psychic disorders, the experimenters did not adhere to the spiritual instructions. Lucadou is indeed right when he warns about improper experiments, but who will continue with this research? I also made negative contacts to begin with and I was downrightly insulted. I immediately aborted these types of connections. Engaging in longer dialogues with negative ENTITIES can be the beginning of the end. But even such experiences are important in order to learn to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Conclusion: Whilst the animistic hypothesis has not found a conclusive argument against the existence of a SUPERIOR WORLD up to now, millionfold evidence, ergo archive material exists that it appears extremely likely that WORLD of SPIRIT does exist. These enormous archives are not scientifically acknowledged by animists. This fact alone demonstrates their arrogance and their professional incompetence.

I can say with certainty these days that the VOICE PHENOMENON cannot be explained with subconsciousness. The human soul is and remains the greatest of all the cosmic wonders and death does not destroy it. The soul is a form of ENERGY and therefore a size of conservation (Energy-Law of conservation) that cannot be destroyed. What we call “death” is to be equated with transformation the way nature shows the changing seasons. Beyond this, indicators for reincarnation of all life also show up. The attitude towards life inevitable changes dramatically.

Rolf Linnemann

(Publisher of Psycho-scientific Frontiers)