Evidence of telepathy through experiments

An attempt was made during these tests, namely to reduce the difficulties on the basis of using codes, because they are stable in regards to interferences. Organising the experiment This type of experiment was carried out on the 26th of June 1993 in St. Petersburg (Russia) at the Institute for Precision Mechanics and Precision Optics. The chair holder was Professor G. Dulnew. Observers of these experiments were: Professor Dipl. Ing. Alex Schneider (CH). Dr. E. U. Hasler (CH) was present as percipient. Professor R. Polonnicov and Dr. A. Rasin conducted this experiment. Dr. Rasin functioned as agent. Two similar experiments were carried out (The second experiment after a urine-therapy treatment by Dr. Hasler). The experiment was conducted with a device complex called “Eniotron”. The measuring probes used, they registered the condition of the percipient and the agent, were a heat flow meter and thermo-elements. Heat flow and the local temperature were measured near the test subjects. The two test subjects were separated at a distance of circa 2 metres by a wall that resisted all kinds of waves (known waves). No sound, heat, light, chemical and kinetic signals were sent to the test subjects. A miniature traffic light sat on the table of the agent and it showed red or green at Professor Polonnicov’s discretion. Only the agent saw the light signals. They could not be perceived by the percipient. The task of the member of the experiment were as follows: The director, Professor Polonnicov, was in charge of the miniature traffic light. The sequence red/green was planned and controlled to the second with a timer. Only the director knew this program. The control panel was out of sight of the test subjects. The agent had to bring his psychophysical powers in accordance with the switched on colours. The red light for instance, gave the signal to start concentrating his psycho-physical powers on one of two, previously selected images, the green light on the other. These powers should always be aligned evenly, when one or the other light shone. The percipient was asked in the meantime to concentrate on receiving these completely unknown images or signals.